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Shepherd of tender Youth

Author: Clement of Alexandria Hymnal: Concordia #208 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 Shepherd of tender youth, Guiding in love and truth, Thro' devious ways; Christ our triumphant King, We come Thy name to sing, And here our children bring To shout Thy praise. 2 Thou art our holy Lord, O all-subduing Word, Healer of strife; Thou didst thyself abase, That from sin's deep disgrace Thou mightest save our race, And give us life. 3 Thou art the great High Priest; Thou hast prepared the feast Of holy love: And in our mortal pain, None call on thee in vain; Help Thou dost not disdain, Help from above. 4 Ever be near our side, Our Shepherd and our Guide, Our Staff and Song: Jesus, Thou Christ of God, By Thine enduring word, Lead us where Thou hast trod, Make our faith strong. 5 So now, until we die, Sound we Thy praises high, And joyful sing: Let all the holy throng Who to Thy Church belong, Unite and swell the song To Christ our King! Languages: English Tune Title: OLIVET
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Forward! be our Watchword

Author: H. Alford Hymnal: Concordia #220 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 Forward! be our watch-word, Steps and voices join'd; Seek the things before us, Not a look behind. Burns the fiery pillar At our army's head; Who shall dream of shrinking, By our Captain led? Forward thro' the desert, Thro' the toil and fight! Jordan flows before us; Zion beams with light. 2 Forward, when in childhood Buds the infant mind; All thro' youth and man-hood, Not a tho't behind. Speed thro' realms of nature, Climb the steps of grace; Faint not, till in glory Gleams our Father’s face. Forward, all the lifetime, Climb from height to height, Till the head be hoary, Till the eve be light. 3 Glories upon glories Hath our God prepar'd, By the souls that love Him One day to be shar'd. Eye hath not beheld them, Ear hath never heard; Nor of these have utter'd Thought or speech a word. Forward, marching east-ward, Where the heav'n is bright, Till the veil be lifted, Till our faith be sight. Languages: English Tune Title: WATCHWORD
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Savior, while my Heart is Tender

Author: J. Burton Hymnal: Concordia #219 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 Savior, while my heart is tender, I would yield that heart to Thee; All my pow'rs to Thee surrender, Thine and only Thine to be. Take me now, Lord Jesus, take me, Let my youthful heart be Thine, Thy devoted servant make me, Fill my soul with love divine. 2 Send me, Lord, where Thou wilt send me, Only do Thou guide my way, May Thy grace thro' life attend me, Gladly then shall I obey. Let me do Thy will, or bear it, I would know no will but Thine, Shouldst Thou take my life, or spare it, I that life to Thee resign. 3 May this solemn consecration Never once forgotten be; Let it know no revocation, Registered, confirmed by Thee. Thine I am, O Lord, forever To Thy service set apart; Suffer me to leave Thee never, Seal Thine image on my heart. Languages: English Tune Title: BEECROFT
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Arise, arise, united Youth

Author: C. K. Selberg Hymnal: Concordia #210 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 Arise, arise, united youth Of our beloved Church! Be guided by God's precious Truth In all your future search! Come, here and now renew your vow To serve your Lord and God, And by His grace go forth to trace The path your fathers trod! 2 Beneath the banner of the Cross, Within our Church's fold, We seek to serve our common cause, As did the saints of old; In faith and prayer we bravely dare To face our fiercest foe, For, if we fight in God's own might, Success He will bestow. 3 Now bless us, Lord, that we may stand United, strong and true To serve Thee here with heart and hand In all we find to do! Help us, we pray, upon our way To ever trust in Thee, And grant us power each day and hour To win the victory! Languages: English Tune Title: ATHENS
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Give, thou, thy Youth to God

Author: Horatius Bonar, 1808-89 Hymnal: Concordia #218 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 Give, thou, thy youth to God, With all its budding love; Send up thy op'ning heart to Him, Fix it on One above. 2 Be early wise for heav'n, Choose, thou, the narrow way; The gate is strait, the road is rough, But it will end in day. 3 Take, thou, the side of God, In things or great or small, So shall He ever take thy side, And bear thee safe thro' all. 4 Quail not before the bad, Be brave for truth and right, Fear God alone, and ever walk As in His holy sight. Languages: English Tune Title: SWABIA
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Angel Voices, ever Singing

Author: Francis Pott Hymnal: Concordia #213 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 Angel voices, ever singing 'Round Thy throne of light; Angel harps, forever ringing, Rest not day nor night. Thousands only live to bless Thee, And confess Thee, Lord of might. 2 Thou, Who art beyond the farthest Mental eye can scan, Can it be that Thou regardest Songs of sinful man? Can we feel that Thou art near us, And wilt hear us? Yea, we can. 3 Yea, we know Thy love rejoices O'er each work of Thine; Thou didst ears, and hands, and voices, For Thy praise combine; Craftsman's art and music's measure For Thy pleasure Didst design. 4 Here, Great God, to-day we offer Of Thine own to Thee; And for Thine acceptance proffer, All unworthily, Hearts and minds, and hands and voices, In our choicest Melody. 5 Honor, glory, might, and merit, Thine shall ever be, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Blessed Trinity! Of the best that Thou hast given Earth and heaven Render Thee. Languages: English Tune Title: ANGEL VOICES
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Summer Suns are Glowing

Author: William W. How Hymnal: Concordia #221 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 Summer suns are glowing Over land and sea; Happy light is flowing Bountiful and free; Ev'rything rejoices In the mellow rays; All earth's thousand voices Swell the psalm of praise. 2 God's free mercy streameth Over all the world, And His banner gleameth Ev'rywhere unfurled; Broad and deep and glorious As the heav'n above, Shines in might victorious His eternal Love. 3 Lord, upon our blindness, Thy pure radiance pour; For Thy loving kindness Make us love Thee more. And when clouds are drifting Dark across our sky, Then, the veil uplifting, Father, be Thou nigh. 4 We will never doubt Thee. Tho' Thou veil Thy light; Life is dark without Thee, Death with Thee is bright. Light of light! Shine o'er us On our pilgrim way; Go Thou still before us To the endless day. Languages: English Tune Title: RUTH
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On our Way Rejoicing

Author: John S. B. Monsell Hymnal: Concordia #222 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 On our way rejoicing, As we homeward move, Hearken to our praises, O Thou God of love! Is there grief or sadness? Firm our trust shall be; Light shall come from Thee. 2 If with honest-hearted Love for God and man, Day by day Thou find us Doing what we can; Thou who giv'st the seed-time Wilt give large increase, Crown the head with blessings, Fill the heart with peace. 3 On our way rejoicing Gladly let us go; Conquered hath our Leader, Vanquished is our foe! Christ without, our safety; Christ within, our joy; Who, if we be faithful, Can our hope destroy? 4 Unto God the Father Joyful songs we sing; Unto God the Savior Thankful hearts we bring; Unto God the Spirit Bow we and adore; On our way rejoicing Now and evermore. Languages: English Tune Title: RUTH
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Jesus Thou hast Bought Us

Author: Frances R. Havergal, 1836-79 Hymnal: Concordia #224 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth First Line: Jesus, Thou hast bought us Lyrics: 1 Jesus, Thou hast bought us, Not with gold or gem, But with Thine own life-blood, For Thy diadem. With Thy blessing filling Each who comes to Thee, Thou hast made us willing, Thou hast made us free, By Thy grand redemption, By Thy grace divine; We are on the Lord's side; Savior, we are Thine! 2 Not for weight of glory, Not for crown and palm, Enter we the army, Raise the warrior's psalm; But for love that claimeth, Lives for whom He died, He whom Jesus nameth Must be on His side. By Thy love constraining, By Thy grace divine, We are on the Lord's side; Savior, we are Thine! 3 Fierce may be the conflict, Strong may be the foe, But the King's own army None can over-throw. Round His standard ranging Vict'ry is secure: For His truth unchanging Makes the triumph sure. Joyfully enlisting, By Thy grace divine, We are on the Lord's side; Savior, we are Thine! Languages: English Tune Title: ARMAGEDDON
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I ought to Love my Savior

Hymnal: Concordia #227 (1918) Topics: Childhood and Youth Youth Lyrics: 1 I ought to love my Savior; No earthly friend can be So loving, kind, and faithful As He hath been to me. Before my lips could utter His sweet and precious name, Until the present moment, His love hath been the same. 2 He left His home in glory To save my soul from death; And now in all life's dangers He still sustains my breath. I lay me down and slumber All through the hours of night, And wake again in safety To hail the morning light. 3 It is but very little For Him that I can do; Then let me seek to serve Him My earthly journey through; And without sigh or murmur, To do His holy will, And in my daily duties, His wise commands fulfill. 4 And when I reach the mansion He has prepared for me, 'Twill be my grateful pleasure My Savior's face to see; And 'mid the angels' music, Which then will greet my ear, How eagerly I'll listen My Savior's voice to hear. Languages: English Tune Title: LOVING FRIEND


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