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Justin Heinrich Knecht

1752 - 1817 Composer of "[Du Sohn des Höchsten, dessen Stärke]" in Glaubenslieder Justin Heinrich Knecht Germany 1752-1817. Born at Biberach Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, he attended a Lutheran college in Esslingen am Meckar from 1768-1771. Having learned the organ, keyboard, violin and oratory, he became a Lutheran preceptor (professor of literature) and music director in Biberach. It was a free imperial city until 1803 and had a rich cultural life. He became organist of St. Martin’s Church in 1792, used by both Lutherans and Catholics, and was there for many years. He led an energetic, busy musical life, composing for both the theatre and church, organizing subscription concerts, teaching music theory, acoustics, aesthetics, composition, and instruments at the Gymnasium, affiliated to the Musikschule in 1806. He went to Stuttgart in 1806 in hopes of a post there as Kapellmeister, serving two years as Konzertmeister, but he was appointed Direktor Beim Orchester by the King of Wurttemberg in 1807. However, he returned to his former life in 1808 and remained there the rest of his life. He died at Biberach. He wrote 10 vocals, 11 opera and stage works, one symphony, 3 chamber music instrumentals, 7 organ works, 4 piano works, and 6 music theories. He was an author composer, editor, contributor, musician, compiler, and lyricist. John Perry

Adrien Ladrierre

1825 - 1902 Person Name: Adrien Ladrierre, 1825-1902 Author of "Du Sohn des Höchsten, dessen Stärke" in Glaubenslieder

Walter Brockhaus

1894 - 1968 Person Name: Walter Brockhaus, 1894-1968 Translator of "Du Sohn des Höchsten, dessen Stärke" in Glaubenslieder

Johann August Hermes

1738 - 1821 Person Name: Joh. A. Hermes, 1736-1822 Author of "Ach sieh' ihn dulden, bluten, sterben" in Gesangbuch der Bischöflichen Methodisten-Kirche

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