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O'er the Dark Wave of Galilee

Author: William Russell Meter: Appears in 42 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: 1. O’er the dark wave of Galilee The gloom of twilight gathers fast, And on the waters drearily Descends the fitful evening blast. 2. The weary bird hath left the air And sunk into his sheltered nest; The wandering beast has sought his lair And laid him down to welcome rest. 3. Still near the lake with weary tread Lingers a form of human kind; And on His lone unsheltered head Flows the chill night damp of the wind. 4. Why seeks He not a home of rest? Why seeks He not a pillowed bed? Beasts have their dens, the bird its nest; He hath not where to lay His head. 5. Such was the lot He freely chose To bless, to save the human race; And through His poverty there flows A rich full stream of heavenly grace. Used With Tune: GALILEE (Holborn)

'Tis God, Whose All Disposing Sway

Author: James Merrick, 1720-1769 Meter: Appears in 1 hymnal Matching Instances: 1 First Line: ’Tis God, whose all disposing sway Lyrics: 1 ’Tis God, whose all disposing sway, The heavens, the earth, the seas, obey; Whose might through all extent extends, Sinks through all depths, all height transcends. 2 From earth’s low margin to the skies Who bids the pregnant vapors rise, The lightning’s pallid sheet expands, And glads with showers the furrowed lands. 3 Now from His storehouse built on high, He gives th’imprisoned winds, to fly, And, guided by His will, to sweep The surface of the foaming deep. 4 By His resistless stroke assailed, Her eldest born proud Egypt wailed; Nor raged His sword on man alone; Her flocks, her herds, its fury own. 5 New scenes of dread her land surprised, When God the haughty chief chastised. And each who lent th’assisting hand To execute his stern command. 6 From Egypt’s desolated shore Its course His vengeance onward bore To distant realms by justice led; And mightiest kings beneath it bled. 7 Thy name shall ever live, Thy name O Lord, shall ceaseless honor claim; Thy works, achieved in ages past, To endless time remembered last. Used With Tune: GALILEE (HOLBORN)

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