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Great God, what do I see and hear!

Author: Rev. W. B. Collyer; Barth Ringwalt Appears in 290 hymnals Matching Instances: 39 Used With Tune: LUTHER'S HYMN

We come unto our fathers' God

Author: Thomas Hornblower Gill Meter: Appears in 69 hymnals Matching Instances: 19 Topics: The Church Communion of Saints Used With Tune: NUN FREUT EUCH
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O Holy Spirit, grant us grace

Author: B. Ringwaldt; S. Jonasson Meter: Appears in 12 hymnals Matching Instances: 7 Lyrics: 1 O Holy Spirit, grant us grace That we our Lord and Savior In faith and fervent love embrace, And truly serve Him ever, So that when death is drawing nigh, We to his open wounds may fly, And find in them salvation. 2 Help us that we Thy saving word In faithful hearts may treasure; Let e’er that bread of life afford New grace in richest measure; Yea, let us die to every sin, For heaven create us new within, That fruits of faith may flourish. 3 And when our earthly race is run, Death’s bitter hour impending, Then may Thy work in us begun, Continue till life’s ending; Until we gladly may commend Our souls into our Savior’s hand, To rest in peace eternal. Topics: Worship in General Prayer and Praise; Holy Ghost Our Teacher; Perseverance and Faithfulness; Praise and Prayer Used With Tune: [O Holy Spirit, grant us grace]
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The Day is Surely Drawing Near

Author: Philip A. Peter; Bartholomäus Ringwald Meter: Appears in 32 hymnals Matching Instances: 7 Lyrics: 1 The day is surely drawing near When God's Son, the Anointed, Shall with great majesty appear As Judge of all appointed. All mirth and laughter then shall cease When flames on flames will still increase, As Scripture truly teacheth. 2 A trumpet loud shall then resound And all the earth be shaken. Then all who in their graves are found Shall from their sleep awaken; But all that live shall in that hour By the Almighty's boundless pow'r Be changed at His commanding. 3 A book is opened then to all, A record truly telling What each hath done, both great and small, When he on earth was dwelling; And ev'ry heart be clearly seen, And all be known as they have been In tho'ts and words and actions. 4 Then woe to those who scorned the Lord And sought but carnal pleasures, Who here despised His precious Word And loved their earthly treasures! With shame and trembling they will stand And at the Judge's stern command To Satan be delivered. 5 O Jesus, who my debt didst pay And for my sin wast smitten, Within the Book of Life, oh, may My name be also written! I will not doubt; I trust in Thee, From Satan Thou hast made me free And from all condemnation. 6 Therefore my Intercessor be And for Thy blood and merit Declare my name from judgment free With all who life inherit, That I may see Thee face to face With all Thy saints in that blest place Which Thou for us hast purchased. 7 O Jesus Christ, do not delay, But hasten our salvation; We often tremble on our way In fear and tribulation. Then hear us when we cry to Thee; Come, mighty Judge, and make us free From every evil! Amen. Amen. Topics: The Last Things Judgment Scripture: Luke 21:25-36 Used With Tune: ES IST GEWISSLICH

Sing praise to God who reigns above

Author: Johann Jakob Schütz (1640-1690); Frances Elizabeth Cox (1812-1897) Meter: Appears in 174 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 Lyrics: 1 Sing praise to God who reigns above, the God of all creation, the God of power, the God of love, the God of our salvation; with healing balm my soul he fills, and every faithless murmur stills: to God all praise and glory! 2 The Lord is never far away, but, through all grief distressing, an ever-present help and stay, our peace and joy and blessing; as with a mother's tender hand he leads his own, his chosen band: to God all praise and glory! 3 Thus all my gladsome way along I sing aloud thy praises, that all may hear the grateful song my voice unwearied raises; be joyful in the Lord, my heart; both soul and body bear your part: to God all praise and glory! Topics: God Presence of; Music and Song; Praise Scripture: Psalm 103 Used With Tune: LUTHER'S HYMN
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Thy Scepter, Jesus, Shall Extend

Author: Frans Michael Franzen, 1772-1847 Meter: Appears in 9 hymnals Matching Instances: 3 Lyrics: 1 Thy scepter, Jesus, shall extend As far as day prevaileth; Thy glorious kingdom, without end, Shall stand when all else faileth, Thy blessed Name shall be confessed, And round Thy cross forever blest, Shall kings and people gather. 2 The child that's born to Thee we take, to thee in death we hasten; In joy we often Thee forsake, But not when sorrows chasten. Where truth and virtue are oppressed, Where sorrow dwells, pain and unrest, Thy help alone availeth. 3 Come, Jesus, then, in weal and woe, In life and death be near us; Thy grace upon our hearts bestow, And let Thy Spirit cheer us. For every conflict strength afford, And gather us in peace, O Lord, When all the world Thou judgest. Topics: The Church Used With Tune: ES IST GEWISSLICH AN DER ZEIT

Lord, you have been our dwelling-place

Author: Thomas Hornblower Gill, 1819-1906 Meter: Appears in 18 hymnals Matching Instances: 2 Lyrics: 1 Lord, you have been our dwelling-place in every generation; your people have received your grace, and blessed your consolation; through every age you heard our cry; through every age we found you nigh, our strength and our salvation. 2 Persisting sins we long have wept, your patience long have tested; but steadfast faith in you we kept, still to your name devoted: for you have kept and loved us well, and granted us in you to dwell, from your love never parted. 3 Lord, nothing from your arms so sure shall your own people sever; our helper ever will endure, God's love will fail us never. Your people, Lord, have dwelt in you; and you remain our dwelling true for ever and for ever. Topics: Adversity; Providence; Protection; Pilgrimage; People of God; Penitence; Guidance; God's Love to Us; Faithfulness of God; Faith; Consolation; Communion of Saints; Anniversary of a Church; Ancestors; Trust in God Scripture: 1 Peter 2:1-8 Used With Tune: LUTHER

Thou Judge by Whom Each Empire Fell

Author: Percy Dearmer, 1867-1936 Meter: Appears in 10 hymnals Matching Instances: 2 Topics: The Nation Used With Tune: NUN FREUT EUCH
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All Glory Be to God on High

Author: Catherine Winkworth; Nikolaus Decius Meter: Appears in 98 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: 1 All glory be to God on high, Who hath our race befriended! To us no harm shall now come nigh, The strife at last is ended; God showeth His good will to men, And peace shall reign on earth again; O thank Him for His goodness. 2 We praise, we worship Thee, we trust, And give Thee thanks forever, O Father, that Thy rule is just, And wise, and changes never. Thy boundless power o'er all things reigns, Thou dost whate'er Thy will ordains; Well for us that Thou rulest! 3 O Jesus Christ, our God and Lord, Son of Thy heavenly Father, O Thou who hast our peace restored And the lost sheep dost gather, Thou Lamb of God, to Thee on high, From out our depths, we sinners cry: Have mercy on us, Jesus! 4 O Holy Ghost, Thou precious Gift, Thou Comforter unfailing, O'er Satan's snares our souls uplift, And let Thy power, availing, Avert our woes and calm our dread; For us the Savior's blood was shed; We trust in Thee to save us! Amen. Topics: Worship Adoration and Praise Scripture: Luke 18:13 Used With Tune: NUN FREUT EUCH
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Gud låter sina trogna här

Author: J. Svedberg; J. O. Wallin Meter: Appears in 3 hymnals Matching Instances: 1 Lyrics: 1 Gud låter sina trogna här Allt godt af nåd erfara, Och budskap af hans kärlek är Mång tusen änglars skara; Ty sjunge vi med godt behag: Guds änglar, från vår barndomsdag, Oss följa och bevara. 2 De lägra sig kring hvar och en, Som fruktar Herren gärna, Och deras hjälp är icke sen Mog dem, som ondt oss ärna; Ty sjunge vi med godt behag: Guds änglar, från vår barndomsdag, För våld och list oss värna. 3 På vägen de oss föra så, Att vi vår fot ej stöta, Men trygge och förnöjde gå, Fast nöd och sorger möta; Ty sjunge vi med godt behag: Guds änglar oss till ålderns dag På hulda armar sköta. Topics: Helgelse Och Bevarande; Holiness Used With Tune: ES IST GEWISSLICH AN DER ZEIT


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