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Day by day the manna fell

Author: Josiah ConderAppears in 143 hymnalsMatching Instances: 1Topics: The Christian Life Trust and ConfidenceUsed With Tune: CYPRUS

Where for safety shall I fly?

Appears in 2 hymnalsMatching Instances: 1Topics: Faith and TrustUsed With Tune: [Where for safety shall I fly?]

See the Gold upon the Hills

Author: J. H. SaxtonMeter: in 1 hymnalMatching Instances: 1Lyrics: 1. See the gold upon the hills, See the opal in the sky; Trembling dawn each valley fills, Christ’s own morning draweth nigh. 2. His the kingdom, His the crown, His the ages yet to be; All the lands of fair renown, And the islands of the sea. 3. All the hungers of the race, All the wounds from which men cry: All are met in Jesus’ grace; He doth heal and satisfy. 4. None are strangers to His care, Royal gifts for all are free; All mankind His brethren are, And the world His Galilee. 5. Victor He, when conquerors fail, King o’er all, when monarchs die; He shall through the earth prevail, Win the last long victory. 6. His the gold upon the hills, His the light across the sea; His the purpose that fulfills, His the day that is to be.Used With Tune: SHERBORNE (Mendelssohn)

Iesu, tirion, gwnaethost le

Author: ElfedAppears in 1 hymnalMatching Instances: 1Used With Tune: SHERBORNE

Heavenly Father, may Thy love

Author: B. GuestAppears in 11 hymnalsMatching Instances: 1Used With Tune: SHERBORNE

Life is earnest

Author: Rev. Sidney Dyer (1814— )Meter: 7Appears in 37 hymnalsMatching Instances: 1First Line: Time is earnest, passing byTopics: Delay Danger of; Life Solemnity of; Sinners CarelessScripture: Hebrews 3:7-16Used With Tune: CYPRUS

Shadow of a mighty Rock

Author: J. S. B. MonsellAppears in 11 hymnalsMatching Instances: 1Topics: Christian Experience Courage and CheerUsed With Tune: CYPRUS

Baptism for Service

Author: Amelia De F. LookwoodAppears in 24 hymnalsMatching Instances: 1First Line: Saviour, who thy life didst giveTopics: Service and BrotherhoodUsed With Tune: CYPRUS

He Giveth His Beloved Sleep

Author: Stopford A. BrookeAppears in 14 hymnalsMatching Instances: 1First Line: Now the wings of day are furledTopics: EveningUsed With Tune: CYPRUS

Holy Father, Hear my Cry

Author: H. Bonar, D. D.Appears in 113 hymnalsMatching Instances: 1First Line: Holy Father! hear my cryTopics: The Holy Spirit; Prayer and WorshipScripture: John 14:23Used With Tune: SHERBORNE