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Jesus, Master, Whose I Am

Author: F. R. Havergal Appears in 93 hymnals Matching Instances: 10 Topics: Aspiration; Prayer and Confession; Surrender Used With Tune: [Jesus, Master, whose I am]
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Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe

Author: G. Tersteegen Appears in 59 hymnals Matching Instances: 10 Used With Tune: [Ich bete an die Macht der Liebe]

Thou hidden source of calm repose

Author: Charles Wesley Appears in 159 hymnals Matching Instances: 9 Lyrics: 4. In want my plentiful supply, in weakness my almighty power, in bonds my perfect liberty, my light in Satan's darkest hour, in grief my joy unspeakable, life in death, my heaven in hell. Used With Tune: ST. PETERSBURG
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يا سامعا صوت الدعا

Appears in 8 hymnals Matching Instances: 6 Lyrics: 1 يا سامعا صوتَ الدعا أنصِتْ لصوتٍ خشعا وعُمَّنا منَ السما بالبركات أجمعا 2 ها نحن نرجو وعدَ من في وعده لا يكذبُ فانعِم لنا يا ربَّنا بروح قدسٍ يُسكبُ 3 إن كان يُصغي والدٌ إلى بنيه مُقبلا وكان بالحب الوفي يُعطي بنيه منزلا 4 فكم إلهي بالحري يحب حباً صادقا ويستجيبُ عبدَه إذا دعاه واثقا 5 يا أبتاه في السما إسمع بنيكَ واقبلِ وليحضُرِ الروحُ إذاً حتى المكان يمتلي 6 فتُضرَمُ القلوبُ من حبٍّ سماويٍّ وَقَدْ ويشكُرُ اسمَكَ الأُلى فديتهم إلى الأبد Used With Tune: ST. PETERSBURG

Thou hidden Love of God, whose height

Author: John Wesley, 1703-1791; Gerhard Tersteegen, 1697-1769 Meter: Appears in 246 hymnals Matching Instances: 6 Topics: The Life in Christ Love and Gratitude Used With Tune: ST. PETERSBURG
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"Till He Come"

Author: Edward H. Bickersteth, 1825-1906 Appears in 227 hymnals Matching Instances: 6 First Line: "Till He come!" O let the words Topics: The Church's Life and Work The Lord's Supper Used With Tune: WELLS
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O Love Divine, All Else Transcending

Author: H. Brueckner; G. Tersteegen Meter: Appears in 12 hymnals Matching Instances: 5 Lyrics: 1 O Love divine, all else transcending, In Jesus present evermore, We worship Thee, in homage bending, And all Thy wondrous might adore. Yea, let my soul, in deep devotion, Bathe in love's mighty, boundless ocean. 2 Thou art my Rest, no earthly treasure Can satisfy my yearning heart, Nor is there aught that lends the pleasure I find in Thee, my chosen part. Thy love, so tender and caressing Is fraught with grace and ev'ry blessing. 3 To Thee my heart and life be given, Thou art indeed my highest Good; For me Thy sacred side was riven, For me was shed Thy precious blood. O Fountain of the world's salvation, Be Thine my love and adoration. Topics: The Christian Life Consecration Used With Tune: BORTNIANSKY
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O Come, O Come, Immanuel

Appears in 477 hymnals Matching Instances: 5 Lyrics: 1 O come, O come, Immanuel, And ransom captive Israel, That mourns in lonely exile here Until the Son of God appear. Rejoice! rejoice! Immanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel! 2 O come, Thou Rod of Jesse, free Thine own from Satan's tyranny; From depths of hell thy people save And give them vict'ry o'er the grave. Rejoice! rejoice! Immanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel! 3 O come, Thou Dayspring, come and cheer Our spirits by Thine advent here: And drive away the shades of night, And pierce the clouds and bring us light! Rejoice! rejoice! Immanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel! 4 O come, Thou Key of David, come, And open wide our heav'nly home: Make safe the way that leads on high, And close the path to misery. Rejoice! rejoice! Immanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel! 5 O come, O come, Thou Lord of might, Who to Thy tribes, on Sinai's height. In ancient times didst give the law In cloud, and majesty, and awe. Rejoice! rejoice! Immanuel Shall come to thee, O Israel! Topics: Advent Used With Tune: [O come, O come, Immanuel] Text Sources: Anon, Latin, ca. 12th Century.
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Jesus, Master, whom I serve

Appears in 36 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 Used With Tune: WELLS

Jesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me

Author: Paul Gerhardt Appears in 335 hymnals Matching Instances: 4 Topics: Love of Christ Scripture: Ephesians 3:19 Used With Tune: ST. PETERSBURG


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