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Jesu, thou joy of loving hearts

Author: Ray Palmer (1808-1887) Meter: Appears in 543 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Jesu, thou joy of loving hearts, thou fount of life, thou light of men; from the best bliss that earth imparts we turn unfilled to thee again. 2 Thy truth unchanged hath ever stood; thou savest those that on thee call; to them that seek thee thou art good, to them that find thee, all in all. 3 We taste thee, O thou living bread, and long to feast upon thee still; we drink of thee, the fountain-head, and thirst our souls from thee to fill. 4 Our restless spirits yearn for thee, where'er our changeful lot is cast, glad when thy gracious smile we see, blest when our faith can hold thee fast. 5 O Jesu, ever with us stay; make all our moments calm and bright; chase the dark night of sin away; shed o'er the world thy holy light. Topics: Change; Light; Longing; Water Scripture: Luke 11:9 Used With Tune: ST SEPULCHRE Text Sources: Based on Jesu, dulcedo cordium, (Latin, 12th century)
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Jesus, where'er thy people meet

Author: William Cowper, 1731-1800 Meter: Appears in 511 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Jesus, where'er thy people meet, there they behold thy mercy-seat; where'er they seek thee thou art found, and every place is hallowed ground. 2 For thou, within no walls confined, inhabitest the humble mind; such ever bring thee when they come, and, going, take thee to their home. 3 Dear Shepherd of thy chosen few, thy former mercies here renew; here to our waiting hearts proclaim the sweetness of thy saving name. 4 Here may we prove the pow'r of prayer to strengthen faith and sweeten care, to teach our faint desires to rise, and bring all heaven before our eyes. 5 Lord, we are few, but thou art near; nor short thine arm, nor deaf thine ear: O rend the heav'ns, come quickly down, and make a thousand hearts thine own. Topics: Opening Hymn; Year A Easter 2; Year B Advent 1; Year B Easter 2; Year B Easter 4; Year C Easter 2 Scripture: Hebrews 9:5 Used With Tune: ST SEPULCHRE
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Lord, when this holy morning broke

Meter: Appears in 6 hymnals Used With Tune: ST. SEPULCHRE

The lifted eye and bended knee

Author: Thomas Scott Meter: Appears in 68 hymnals Used With Tune: ST. SEPULCHRE

Behold! a Stranger's at the door

Author: Joseph Grigg Appears in 577 hymnals Used With Tune: ST. SEPULCHRE
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Take up thy cross, the Saviour said

Appears in 293 hymnals Used With Tune: ST. SEPULCHRE
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How pleasant, how divinely fair

Meter: Appears in 352 hymnals Used With Tune: ST. SEPULCHRE
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O Spirit of the living God

Author: James Montgomery Appears in 371 hymnals Used With Tune: ST. SEPULCHRE
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He sat to watch o'er customs paid

Author: William Bright, 1824-1901 Meter: Appears in 13 hymnals Topics: Saints' and Other Holy Days St. Matthew Scripture: Matthew 9:9-13 Used With Tune: ST SEPULCHRE
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Lord Jesu, when we stand afar

Author: William Walsham How, 1823-1897 Meter: Appears in 97 hymnals Lyrics: 1 Lord Jesu, when we stand afar and gaze upon thy holy cross, in love of thee and scorn of self, O may we count the world as loss! 2 When we behold thy bleeding wounds, and the rough way that thou hast trod, make us to hate the load of sin that lay so heavy on our God. 3 O holy Lord, uplifted high, with outstretched arms, in mortal woe, embracing in thy wondrous love the sinful world that lies below. 4 Give us an ever-living faith, go gaze beyond the things we see; and in the mystery of thy Death draw us and all men unto thee. Topics: Hymns for the Church Year Passion and Holy Week Used With Tune: ST SEPULCHRE


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