Jesus i det Høie throner

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1 Jesu i det Høie throner,
Ham lovsynge Millioner
Som paa Jorden, saa i Himlen,
Engel-kor og Folkevrimlen,
Seierherren fredegod,
Seierherren fredegod

2 Milde Drot! igjen du kommer
Som al Verdens strenge Dommer,
Alle Skyer Flammer sprude,
Da er Naadens Time ude,
Alle Engle raabe, Ve!
Alle Engel raabe, Ve!

3 Hør os nu i Naadens Fylde,
Straf os ei som vi forskylde!
Vogt vor Sjæl fra Skam og Skade,
Rør os, bøi os, gjør os glade,
Lad os se din Herlighed!
Lad os se din Herlighed!

Source: M. B. Landstads Kirkesalmebog og "Nokre Salmar" ved Professor Dr. E. Blix, samt følgende tillæg: Kirkesalmeboger og Almedigter af Biskop J. N. Skaar, med 79 portræter, og Kirkemusiker og Kirkemusik... #418

Author: Rabanus Maurus

Rabanus Maurus (c. 776-856) or Hrabanus Magnentius Maurus, was born of noble parents at Mainz, and educated at Fulda and Tours under Alcuin, who is reputed to have given him the surname, Maurus, after the saint of that name. In 803, he became director of the school at the Benedictine Abbey at Fulda. He was ordained priest in 814, spending the following years in a pilgrimage to Palestine. In 822, he became Abbott at Fulda, retiring in 842. In 847, he became archbishop of Mainz. He died at Winkel on the Rhine, February 4, 856. This distinguished Carolingian poet-theologian wrote extensive biblical commentaries, the Encyclopaedic De Universo, De Institutione Clericorum, and other works which circulated widely during the Middle Ages. Som… Go to person page >

Translator: N. F. S. Grundtvig

Nicolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig was the son of a pastor, and was born at Udby, in Seeland, in 1783. He studied in the University of Copenhagen from 1800-1805; and, like some other eminent men, did not greatly distinguish himself; his mind was too active and his imagination too versatile to bear the restraint of the academic course. After leaving the university he took to teaching; first in Langeland, then (1808) in Copenhagen. Here he devoted his attention to poetry, literature, and Northern antiquities. In 1810 he became assistant to his father in a parish in Jutland. The sermon he preached at his ordination, on the subject "Why has the Lord's word disappeared from His house," attracted much attention, which is rarely the case with "pro… Go to person page >



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M. B. Landstads Kirkesalmebog og "Nokre Salmar" ved Professor Dr. E. Blix, samt følgende tillæg #418

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