The Judgment Hymn

The great tremendous day's approaching

Published in 47 hymnals

Representative Text

1 The great tremendous day's approaching,
That awful scene is drawing nigh;
Was long foretold by ancient prophets,
Decreed from all eternity.

2 But O my soul reflect and wonder!
That awful scene is drawing near,
When you shall see that great transaction,
When Christ in Judgment shall appear.

3 See nature stand all in amazement,
To hear the last loud trumpet sound,
Arise ye dead and come to judgment!
Ye nations of the world around.

4 Loud thunder rumbling through the concave;
Bright forked lightnings part the skies;
The heavens a shaking, the earth a quaking,
The gloomy sight attracts mine eyes.

5 The orbit lamps all veiled in sackcloth,
No more their shining circuits run;
The wheel of time stopt in a moment;
Eternal things are now begun.

6 Huge massy rocks and towering mountains
Over their tumbling basis roar;
The raging ocean all in commotion,
Is hovering round her frighted shore.

7 Green turfy grave-yards, and tombs of marble,
Give up their dead, both small and great;
See the whole world both saints and sinners,
Are coming to the judgment seat.

8 See Jesus on the throne of justice,
Come thundering down the parting skies,
With countless armies of shining angels,
With hallelujahs, shout for joy.

9 Bright shining streams from his awful presence,
His face ten thousand suns outshine,
Behold him coming in power and glory,
To meet him all his saints combine.

10 Go forth ye heralds with speed like lightning,
Call in your saints from distant lands,
Those that my blood from hell hath ransomed,
Whose names in life's fair book do stand.

11 O come ye blessed of my father,
The purchase of my dying love;
Receive the crowns of life and glory
Which are laid up for you above.

12 For your dear souls which have continued
With me, and my temptations bore,
I have provided for you kingdom,
To reign with me for evermore.

13 There's flowing fountains of living water,
No sickness, pain, nor death to fear;
No sorrow, sighing, no tears nor weeping
Shall ever have admittance here.

14 But how will sinners stand and tremble,
When Justice calls them to the bar;
Those that reject his offered mercy,
Their everlasting doom to hear.

15 See Justice now with indignation,
Calling aloud for sinner's blood:
Those that have slighted offered mercy,
And crucified the son of God.

16 Depart from me ye cursed sinner!
My face you never more shall see:
Be banished from my peaceful presence,
To endless woe and misery.

17 Each guilty soul then struck with horror
And anguish throbbing in their breast,
Forever doomed to endless sorrow,
And never more to hope for rest.

18 Come sinners here's a faithful warning,
Return to Jesus while you may,
For he is ready to forgive you,
Or else you must depart away.

Divine Hymns, or Spiritual Songs: for the use of religious assemblies and private Christians 1800

Text Information

First Line: The great tremendous day's approaching
Title: The Judgment Hymn
Language: English



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