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The Christ Who Gave the Blind Man Sudden Sight
Far round the world Thy children sing their song
Blessing to God the Father
Cheer up my soul, there is a mercy seat
Come, Take by Faith the Body of the Lord
God, 'neath whose hand, our fathers crossed
God of a universe within whose bounds
God of the shining hosts that range on high
God, our kind Master, merciful as just
House of our God, with hymns of gladness ring
Christ In His Heavenly Garden
Jehovah reigns let every nation hear
Lo, The Sun Is Rising Out Of The Sea
My goal is God Himself
Newborn of God, his glory manifest
I Love the LORD, for He Has Heard My Voice
O Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Hear
O God of truth, the power of nations free
O Lord of life, thy kingdom is at hand
O Thou Great Friend
Seek Not Afar for Beauty
Señor Jesús, la luz del sol se fue
Singing for Jesus, Our Savior and King
Soul of my Savior, sanctify my breast
Speak now, O God, to hearts unmoved
Spirit of light, whose ever-gracious power
Thank you, Lord, for the time that is now
The Son of God, our Christ, the Word, the Way
Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
This is our house, its doors are open wide
Venid, tomad el cuerpo del Señor
We Now Show Forth the Dying of Our Lord
Abide With Me, I Need Thee
Again the Day Returns
We Thank Thee, Lord
The Bread That Giveth Strength
O valiant hearts, who to your glory came
Teach Me to Do the Thing that Pleaseth Thee
Of Women, and of Women's Hopes We Sing
Hear Us, O Lord, As We Voice Our Laments
Come, Let Us Rise with Christ
Come, Holy Ghost
Come In, O Come!
Psalm 131
Father, the watches of the night are o'er
Gather us in
Hail, Happy Day!
O God, From Whom Mankind Derives Its Name
O Father Mine, Whose Mercies Never Cease


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