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A, a, a, der Winter der ist da
A Aonmhic na h'Óighe, a stór, is a sciath na mbocht
A awng tangte thawhka khuiah
A b c d e f g h i j k l m n
A b c d e f g h i j k l m n o P
“阿爸,父阿,”我們現在因主到你面前來;(“Ā bà, fù a,” wǒmen xiànzài yīn zhǔ dào nǐ miànqián lái;)
阿爸,我們來頌讚你,我們謙卑敬拜你;(Ā bà, wǒmen lái sòng zàn nǐ, wǒmen qiānbēi jìng bài nǐ;)
A Babe in a manger, a man on the cross
A Babe in the manger
[A Babe Is Born]
A Babe is born all of a maid
A Babe is born in Bethlehem
A Babe is born in Bethlehem
A babe is born of high nature
A babe lies in the cradle
A babe was born, a little one
A Babe was born at Bethlehem
A Baby once slept in a manger
A baby was sleeping, it's mother
A Baby's hands in Bethlehem
A balm for the way worn
A band of children free we
A band of children, Jesus
A band of children, Lord, we come
A band of dear children go marching along
A band of faithful reapers, we
A band of happy children, The
A band of happy children, we come to you today
A band of hard pressed men are we
A band of herdsmen tarried late
A band of humble workers
A band of laborers, here we meet
A band of little children
A band of shining angels waits you over there
A band of temperance boys are we
A band of true and valiant soldiers
A band of women, true and brave
A band of youthful pilgrims, we stand
A band of youthful soldiers, to battle for the right
A battle for right is now raging
A battle rages o'er the land
A beacon bright the Christian stands
A beacon has been lighted
A beacon has been lighted, Bright as the noon-day sun
A beacon light has been lighted
A beam from heaven is sent
A beautiful, beautiful home, In heaven we all
A beautiful breeze and cloudless sky
A beautiful city is waiting
A beautiful crown the Master shall give

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