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1. My soul is thirsting for you, O Lord 2. As morning breaks I look to you
11 10.11 10
664 6664 D
7 6 7 6 D
7 7 7 6
9 5 7 5 7
A adorar al Niño, a adorar al Niño
A Babe in the manger
A band of children up here
A band of faithful workers
A band of thy children who love thee
A beacon light for Jesus I would ever be
A bearer of sin i s he
A beautiful home for thee
A beautiful home for thee, mother
A beautiful home I know is waiting
A beautiful life then shall be mine
A beautiful mansion
A beautiful, peaceful home
A better day, a better day
A better home
A better life I mean to live
A better place
A better place for me
A better time is coming
A blessing for Christ I want
A blessing for me, yes, a blessing for me
A blessing in sunshine, a blessing in rain
A blessing, O Lord, thou true living way
A blessing will come by and by
A blood stained way there's no other way
A bright and blessed hope is ours
A bright reward
A brighter day is coming
A brighter day will come
A bruised reed, shall he not break
A call comes ringing to me
A call for reapers
A captive in the land


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