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2 Samuel 15
Get Right With God
Genesis 1
Schwingt euch, Herz und all Sinnen
Praise the Lord, All Praise and Blessing
O Lord! how excellent is thy name
Dios Está Aquí (God Is Here Today)
God, said, God said world
In the beginning God played with the planets
The day the universe was started
Word that formed creation, earth and sea and sky
Gracious God, in adoration
Lord of all worlds, we worship and adore you
Genesis 1: Let heav'n arise, let earth appear
Hymn 147
In the Beginning
God Who Spoke in the Beginning
Praise to the Spinner Who Twisted and Twirled
O God, Creation's Architect
Shout for Joy Loud and Long
When Long Before Time (The Singer and the Song)
In the beginning: God
God, You Made the Earth and Heavens
God the narrator
Who Made Ocean, Earth, and Sky?
God of the Sparrow
O God the Creator
God, You Spin the Whirling Planets
Creation Song
God Made Everything
That's Good
The Lord Is Great
Thank You, Lord, for Making Me
Song over the Waters
This Is the Day When Light Was First Created
This Day God Gives Me
Joyful Is the Dark
Light that Passes Through a Prism
Look up, ye saints, direct your eyes
Cantemos al Señor (O Sing Unto the Lord)
'Tis from the treasures of his word
God, We Sing Your Glorious Praises
Water Has Held Us
Over the Chaos of the Empty Waters
Formless and void creation stood
Your voice, O God, outsings the stars of morning
The Lord is King! He set the stars in space
We join in proclaiming
Boisterous, buzzing barking things (Big and little you's and me's)
God turned darkness into light
Genesis 1 - 2
God Created Earth and Heaven
On This Day of Celebration


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