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A toi la gloire, O Resuscité
Thine Is the Glory
Auf Christi Himmelfahrt allein
Since Christ has gone to heaven, His home
On Christ's Ascension I Now Build
Gloriosi Salvatoris
To the Name of our salvation
Hymnum canamus gloria
A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing
Hymnum canamus gloriae
A hymn of glory let us sing
A Hymn of Glory Let Us Sing
Hymnus canamus gloria
Sing We Triumphant Hymns of Praise
Jesu, nostra Redemptio
O Christ, our Hope, our heart's Desire
Jesu, nostra redemptio
Jesu, our hope, our heart's desire
Jesus lebt! mit Ihm auch ich
Jesus lives! no longer now
Jesús Es Mi Rey Soberano
O Jesus, My King and My Sovereign
Christ, Above All Glory Seated
O Heil'ger Geist, kehr' bei uns ein
O Holy Spirit, enter in
Salve festa dies
Hail Thee, Festival Day
Hail Thee, Festival Day
Salve, feste dies
Hail thee, festival day
Hail Thee, Festival Day
Sei Lob und Ehr dem höchsten Gut
Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above
Siegenfürst und Ehrenkönig
Conquering Prince and Lord of glory
Surrexit Christus hodie
Jesus Christ is risen today
Te exaltaré, me Dios, mi Rey
I Will Exalt My God, My King (Te exaltaré, mi Dios, me Rey) (Psalm 145)
Άναστάσεως ήμέρα
The day of resurrection!

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