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Genesis 1
God, said, God said world
In the beginning God played with the planets
Dance, then, wherever you may be
The day the universe was started
Word that formed creation, earth and sea and sky
Lord of all worlds, we worship and adore you
Take up the song, and sing the praise of God
Who Made Ocean, Earth, and Sky?
Creation Song
God Made Everything
That's Good
The Lord Is Great
This Is My Father's World
Thank You, Lord, for Making Me
Joyful Is the Dark
God, We Sing Your Glorious Praises
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Boisterous, buzzing barking things (Big and little you's and me's)
Genesis 1 - 2
On This Day of Celebration
Genesis 1:1
The Play of the Godhead
God, Your Voice Calls Forth Compassion
Genesis 1:1-2
Morning Has Broken
Genesis 1:1-4
Creator God, How Grand the Earth
Genesis 1:1-5
Wind upon the Waters
Genesis 1:1-9
Colourful Creator, God of mystery
At the dawning of salvation
Genesis 1:1-13
Breathe on me, O breath of God
Genesis 1:1-25
Cantemos al Señor (O Sing unto the Lord)
Genesis 1:1 - 2:4
Sing Praise to God
We'll Sing in the Morning
God Who Gives To Life Its Goodness
Genesis 1:2
Spirit of God
Spirit, Spirt of Gentleness
She Comes Sailing on the Wind
Mother Earth, Our Mother Birthing
Genesis 1:3
Thy Strong Word
Genesis 1:3-5
Ka mana'o 'I 'O
Genesis 1:9-10
For Your Wise, Creating Spirit
Genesis 1:14-18
Joyous Light of Heavenly Glory
Jesus, Light of Joy
Genesis 1:14-27
I love the sun
Genesis 1:26
Sing to Him in Whom Creation
God of Wisdom and Compassion
Genesis 1:26-27
Sing a New Church
Genesis 1:26-30
When We Give Ourselves the Privilege
Genesis 1:26 - 3:24
Sing of Eve and Sing of Adam
Genesis 1:27
To the One Creator of All
Dance and sing
Genesis 1:27-31
Who share one living bread
Genesis 1:31
Laughter Lit the Stars of Morning


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