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10.10 D with refrain
I Am Unworthy to Suffer
10.10 D
The Master's Touch
Others He Saved
There Is A Land
Easter Song
Nearer To Thee
10.10 with alleluias
If We Have Died to Ourselves
10.10 with refrain
Lift High the Cross
Hail! festal days to endless ages known
Lift high the cross
Circle me, Lord, circle me, Lord
Praise God today
Fling wide the gates
Lift High the Cross
To Christ the King, sing alleluia!
Glorify the Lord with me
As we travel through this land
Unidos por el amor de Cristo
ക്രൂശുയർത്തിൻ തൻ സ്നേ-ഹം ഘോഷിപ്പാൻ
Lord, Not for Light in Darkness
10.10.10 D
And Truly It Is a Most Glorious Thing
Since Through God's Mercy
Draw Me To Thee
My Infant, Lord, To Thee I Gladly Bring
Pure Gold
When He Shall Appear
Saints' Immortal Home
10.10.10 wiht alleluias
Let us rejoice: God's gift to us is peace!
10.10.10 with alleluias
We Know that Christ Is Raised
For All the Saints
Go to the World!
All Praise to Thee, for Thou, O King Divine
God's Paschal Lamb Is Sacrificed for Us
Easter Alleluia
O Fearful Place, Where He Who Knows Our Heart
Stages on a Journey of Faith (O Blest Redeemer, to Us Each Recall)
The Resurrection Light
Almighty Lord, How Lovely Is That Place
In Celebration, Clap Your Hands and Sing
Por los Santos Que Descansan Ya
Valiant for the Truth
Songs of Praise: Hallelujah! (Let Us Go Forth with Light and Love to Sing)
Let Easter Alleluias Fill This Place
We Are Your People
When at Creation’s Dawn
10.10.10 with alleluia
To Be Your Presence
When All Is Ended
Holy forever and ever is God
10.10.10 with refrain
In All Our Grief


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