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TopicSub-TopicHymnFirst Line
13th Sunday after Trinity#CXXIIIThe promise made to Abraham
14th Sunday after Trinity#CXXIVThe Lepers with their sores oppress'd
14th Sunday after Trinity#CXXVStrange is the faithful christian's life
15th Sunday after Trinity#CXXVIThey, who that sacred office bear
15th Sunday after Trinity#CXXVIIWhat evil can such teachers do
16th Sunday after Trinity#CXXIXShould we not glory in the cause?
16th Sunday after Trinity#CXXVIIIO Blessed word, our Lord express'd
17th Sunday after Trinity#CXXXThe Saviour's love will ne'er grow faint
17th Sunday after Trinity#CXXXIThe best of counsels we can give
18th Sunday after Trinity#CXXXIIWhat do ye think of Christ indeed
18th Sunday after Trinity#CXXXIIITo the Corinthian Church
19th Sunday after Trinity#CXXXVShould they who have been dearly bought
19th Sunday after Trinity#CXXXIVJesus, Physician of the soul
20th Sunday after Trinity#CXXXVICome ye who are the bidden guests
20th Sunday after Trinity#CXXXVIIThe Christian life should ever be
21st Sunday after Trinity#CXXXIXBe strong ye brethren in the Lord!
21st Sunday after Trinity#CXXXVIIIWhen we our gracious Lord entreat
22nd Sunday after Trinity#CXLWhen man's account to light is bro't
22nd Sunday after Trinity#CXLIGreat comforts it must needs afford
23rd Sunday after Trinity#CXLIIHerodians and Pharisees