Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I just purchased a file download from How do I access my file download?

A. To access a file download you purchased from

  • Go to the "Purchased Files" tab on your profile to view files that you have purchased, then click on the filename to download the file.

Q. I just purchased a score from How do I access my score?

A. To access a score you purchased from

  • Go to the "Purchased Files" tab on your profile to view files that you have purchased, then click on the filename to download the file.
  • Go to the "FlexScores" tab on your profile to view FlexScores that you have purchased. Click the score title to proceed to the score (for viewing, printing, etc).

Q. May I copy this song?

A. If the song is in the public domain you are free to reprint it. If the song is under copyright, you may purchase the song as a product from Hymnary's store. Remember the quantity purchased of downloadable products is the quantity of authorized copies that can be made. Also, shipped products cannot legally be copied.

PDF's that state "This hymn is in the public domain. You may freely use this score for personal and congregational worship. If you reproduce the score, please credit as the source." may now be used freely for any purpose, and you do not need to credit as a source.

If you subscribe to a licensing agency that covers the song, you may project the song or make copies of it for congregational use (but not choral use) by reporting it according to the licensing organization's guidelines. Most contemporary worship music is covered by CCLI, and most hymns, denominational, and liturgical music is covered by OneLicense.

If you're making a sound recording of copyrighted music, that would be covered by a mechanical license (rather than a reprint license).The Harry Fox Agency is a good source for mechanical licenses.

If you have more complex questions contact Christian Copyright Solutions. Of course, you can always contact the author or composer directly.

Q. How do I find contact information for a copyright holder?

A. The Music Publishers Association web site has steps for doing a copyright search and forms for requesting permission to use copyrighted material. Also, most hymnals have the addresses of copyright holders in the back index section. If we have the page scans of a hymnal, you can look up this information on our website. Keep in mind that copyright holders and addresses change over time.

Q. How can I purchase a hymnal?

A. We have a few hymnals that can be purchased through the Hymnary Store. There is also a forum on Hymnary, The Hymnal Clearinghouse, in which users can donate, request, or trade hymnals. Otherwise, hymnals can be purchased through book seller sites such as Amazon

Q. Where can I get the words/sheet music to this hymn?

A. If you cannot find the words/sheet music for a hymn on, it may be that we do not have permission to display these items due to copyright laws. By searching you should be able to find out which hymnals contain the hymn and who published those hymnals.

Q. This hymnal would be a good addition to your site, will you include it?

A. We are always open to suggestions for hymnals that you'd like to help us add to the Hymnary. If you would like to help enter the information for it, we have instructions available to lead you through the process as well as an online group supporting those who are adding and editing hymnals. This is a great way to learn more about hymnody while making a valuable contribution to the thousands of pastors, worship planners, scholars and hymn lovers who use the Hymnary. Please contact us for more information!

Q. How can I get involved?

A. Volunteers play a pivotal role in the Hymnary project. Here are some ways you can join the project:

  • Adopt a hymnal by providing spreadsheet files of data
  • Enter full text information
  • Enter tune information
  • Enter topic information
  • Enter scripture information
  • Contribute information about hymn texts, tunes, authors, or composers
  • Become an editor
  • Create scores
  • Provide feedback on user interface
To volunteer, please contact us.

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