44. Zaccheus

1 Zaccheus climb'd the tree,
and thought himself unknown:
But how surpriz'd was he,
When Jesus call'd him down!
The Lord beheld him, tho' conceal'd,
And by a word his pow'r reveal'd.

2 Wonder and joy at once
Were painted in his face;
"Does he my name pronounce,
And does he know my case?
Will Jesus deign with me to dine?
Lord, I, with all I have, am thine.

3 Thus, where the gospel's preach'd,
And sinners come to hear:
The hearts of some are reach'd,
Before they are aware:
The word directly speaks to them,
And seems to point them out by name.

4 'Tis curiosity
Oft brings them in the way,
Only the man to see,
And hear what he can say;
But how the sinner starts to find,
The preacher knows his inmost mind.

5 His long forgotten thoughts,
Are brought again in view,
And all his secret thoughts
Reveal'd in public too,
Tho' compass'd with a croud about,
The searching word has found him out.

6 While thus distressing pain
And sorrow fills the heart;
He hears a voice again,
That bids his fears depart;
Then like Zaccheus he is blest,
And Jesus deigns to be his guest.

Text Information
First Line: Zaccheus climb'd the tree
Title: Zaccheus
Publication Date: 1803
Language: English
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