P77b. Then said I, This my weakness is

10 Then said I, This my weakness is;
but call to mind will I
the years of the right hand of him
who is the Lord most high.

11 Yea, I remember will the works
performed by the Lord:
the wonders done of old by thee
I surely will record.
12 Upon thy doings I will muse,
on thy works meditate;
13 most holy is thy way, O God:
what God like thee is great?

14 Thou art the God that wonders dost
by thy right hand most strong:
thy mighty power thou hast declared
the nations all among.
15 To thine own people with thine arm
thou didst redemption bring;
to Jacob's sons, and to the tribes
of Joseph that do spring.

16 The waters did thee see, O God,
the waters did thee see;
the depths thereof were troubled all,
for fear aside did flee.
17 The clouds in water forth were poured,
sound loudly did the sky,
and swiftly through the world abroad
thine arrows fierce did fly.

18 Thy thunder's voice along the heaven
a mighty noise did make;
thy lightings lighten did the world,
earth trembled and did shake.
19 Thy way is in the sea, and in
the waters great thy path;
thy footsteps hidden are, O Lord,
none knowledge thereof hath.

20 Thy people thou didst safely lead,
like to a flock of sheep;
by Moses' hand and Aaron's thou
didst them conduct and keep.

Text Information
First Line: Then said I, This my weakness is
Meter: CM
Language: English
Publication Date: 2004
Tune Information
Meter: CM
Key: e minor
Source: Holroyd's The Spiritual Man's Companion, 1753; Adapted in Scottish Psalmody, 1854

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