In Our Lives, Lord, Be Glorified

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God’s grace grants our baptism, and gives us our identity and our calling; however, it is up to us, with a renewed spirit, to respond to his call. We understand that just as “God reminds and assures us of our union with Christ in covenant love,” he also is “expecting our love and trust in return” (Our World Belong to God, paragraph 37). 


“We hear the Spirit’s call to love one another…to accept one another and to share at every level…and so fulfill the love of Christ” (Song of Hope, stanza 12). As washed and sanctified people, God’s children are called to “more and more [we] become dead to sin and live holy and blameless lives,” (Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 26, Question and Answer 70) and this means “the dying away of the old-self, and the rising-to-life of the new” (Heidelberg Catechism, Lord’s Day 33, Question and Answer 88). And so, as part of our baptism, God’s children are called to offer their lives to Christ. 


In Our Lives, Lord, Be Glorified

Introductory/Framing Text

This simple prayer has a simple message: that God be glorified in every area of our lives. It is appropriately comprehensive and communal (“our lives” and “our homes”).

Additional Prayers

A Petitionary Prayer
Wonderful God, let us live as we will live when your kingdom fully comes.
In our lives, Lord, be glorified.
With our family members, let us live in grace and truth.
In our homes, Lord, be glorified.
In word and sacrament, in prayer and song, make yourself unmistakable.
In your church, Lord, be glorified.
Move mightily among the nations, displacing tyranny and ushering peace into place.
In your world, Lord, be glorified today through Jesus Christ. Amen.
— Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.

In Our Lives, Lord, Be Glorified

Hymn Story/Background

This is Bob Kilpatrick’s best known song; it was one of his first songs and became the driving force behind Fair Oaks Records in Sacramento, Californing. "In Our Lives, Lord, Be Glorified" was responsible for giving Bob Kilpatrick a regular time slot on the K-Love Radio Network with his show, Time Out with Bob Kilpatrick
— Rebecca Hoeksema Snippe

Author and Composer Information

Bob Kilpatrick (b. 1952), is an ordained minister who has spent his life composing, singing, and leading worship. When Bob Kilpatrick is not leading worship, he is working as a spokesman for Compassion International, a Colorado-based children’s chairity. He has led worship all over the world. His other works include “Won by One,” and his “Tell Me the Story” was the basis for Max Lucado’s book by the same name. 
— Rebecca Hoeksema Snippe

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