40. The Heavens in Their Splendor

1 The heav'ns in their splendor declare
The might and the glory of God,
For day unto day speaks His praise,
And night tells His wisdom abroad.
They speak not with audible word,
Yet clear is the message they send;
Their witness goes out thro' the earth,
Their word to the world's farthest end.

2 The law that the Lord has ordained
Is perfect, the soul to restore;
His truth makes the simple most wise,
The truth that is sure evermore.
His precepts are righteous and just,
Rejoicing the heart and the mind;
And all His commandments are pure,
Enlight'ning the eyes of the blind.

3 The fear of the Lord is most clean,
Forever unmoved it has stood;
His judgments are perfectly true,
In all things most righteous and good.
Such treasure no gold can supply,
Such sweetness no honey afford;
Their warnings none heed and obey
But find most abundant reward.

4 O who can his errors discern?
From hidden faults, Lord, keep me free;
Let pride never reign in my heart,
And clear of great sin I shall be.
I pray that my words and my tho'ts
May all with Thy precepts accord,
And ever be pleasing to Thee,
My Rock, my Redeemer, my Lord.

Text Information
First Line: The heav'ns in their splendor declare
Title: The Heavens in Their Splendor
Author: Rev. Edward A. Collier, D. D.
Publication Date: 1929
Meter: L M D
Topic: God In Nature
Language: English
Notes: Now Public Domain
Copyright: © 1912 by United Presbyterian Board of Publication
Tune Information
Name: [The heav'ns in their splendor declare]
Composer: S. B. Pond
Key: F Major