LXXIX. The heathen hosts, O God

1 The Heathen Hosts, O GOD!
Have thy Possession seiz'd;
Thy sacred House defil'd,
Thy holy City raz'd.
The Bodies of thy Saints,
Abroad unburied lay;
Their Flesh expos'd to Beasts,
Or rav'nous Birds a Prey.

2 Their Blood, like Water, was
Around Jerus'lem shed;
And none were left to pay
The Duties to the Dead:
The Foe our small Remains
With loud Reproaches wound;
And are made the Sport
Of all the Nations round.

3 How long wilt thou be wrathj?
LORD, must we ever mourn?
And shall thy jealous Rage,
Like Fire for ever burn?
Our Lands that know not thee,
Thy heavy Vengeance show'r;
Those Kingdoms let it crush,
That have not own'd thy Pow'r.

4 Their hungry Jaws have prey'd
On Jacob's chosen Race;
And to a Desart turn'd,
Their fruitful Dwelling Place.
O think not on our Sins,
But speedily prevent
The Ruin of thy Saints,
Almost with Sorrow spent.

5 Thy Help, O GOD, impart
And free our Souls from Blame,
So shall thy wond'rous Love
Exalt thy glorious Name.
Let Infidels that say,
"Where is the GOD they boast"?
In Vengeance, for thy Saints,
Perceive thee to their Cost.

6 LORD, hear the Pris'ner's Moans!
Thy saving Pow'r extend;
Preserve them, doom'd to die,
From their untimely End!
Those who blaspheme thy Name,
Do thou, O GOD, destroy;
Against the Nations round,
Resistless Pow'r employ.

7 For they have us opprest;
Then let them be repaid,
With Sorrows sev'n Times more
Than what on us they laid.
So we thy humble Flock,
Shall ever praise thy Name;
And our unwearied Thanks,
From Age to Age proclaim.

Text Information
First Line: The heathen hosts, O God
Publication Date: 1767
Topic: Prayers: Of the Church for her Deliverance in Persecution; Prophecies: Prophetical Curses against the Enemies and Persecutors of the Chruch
Language: English
Tune Information
Name: [The Heathen Hosts, O God]
Key: g minor

MIDI file: Midi

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