309. The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's: Chap. IV

1 Lo fair thou art, my love, lo fair,
Dove's eyes in thy locks are:
Thy hair as flocks of goats that from
Mount Gilead do appear.
2 Thy teeth are as a smooth shorn flock,
Which from the washing come,
Where ev'ry one of them bears twins,
Of them there's barren none,

3 Thy lips are as a scarlet twine,
Thy speech doth comely pour;
Within thy locks thy temples like
A pomgranate in flower.

4 Thy neck is like to David's tow'r,
Built for an armoury.
Where hang a thousand shields, all shields
Of men of potency.

5 Thy breasts they twain compared are
To roes a double young:
The which are twins, and have their feed
The lilly flow'rs among,

6 Until the time the day shall break,
And till the shades fly hence.
I'll get me to the mount of myrrh,
And hill of frankincense.

7 All fair thou art, my lovely one,
There is no spot in thee.
8 My spouse with me from Leb'non come
From Lebanon with me:
Look from the top of Amana;
From Shenir's top also,
From Hermon's, from the lions dens.
The leopard's mountains fro.

9 My sister spouse thou ravishest
My heart; thou dost affect
My heart with that one eye of thine,
With one chain of thy neck.
10 How fair thy love my sister spouse?
How better far thy love
Than wine! and thine anointment's smell
All spices far above.

11 My spouse thy lips drop honey-comb,
Honey under thy tongue
And milk, and thy cloaths smell is like
The smell of Lebanon.
12 My sister my espoused one
A garden closely shut:
A well spring closed up is she
A fountain sealed up.

13 Thy cyons of pomegranates are
Like to a paradise,
With pleasant fruits replenished,
Camphire, spikenard likewise.
14 Where spikenard, saffron, calamus,
With cinnamon also,
All incense trees, myrrh, aloes,
With all chief spices grow.

15 The garden's fount, live water spring
And streams from Lebanon.
16 Wake, O north wind, and come thou south,
My garden blow upon.
Its spices that they may flow out:
His garden come into
Let my beloved one, and eat
His pleasant fruit also.

Text Information
First Line: Lo fair thou art my love
Title: The Song of Songs, which is Solomon's: Chap. IV
Publication Date: 1742
Language: English
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