1448. Brighton

1 O God, whose Voice hath called us
To Life and faith in Thee;
Whose Hand hath led us onward
In ways of liberty;
Whose Love hath filled with sunshine
Our strangely ordered ways
Accept this happy morning
Our hymn of grateful praise.

2 O Christ, by Whom we gather
Around the Father's Throne,
Accept our heart's obedience
Receive us as Thine own.
We know no other worship
Than that we give to Thee,
O Lamb of God, our Saviour,
From all eternity.

3 O Ever blessed Spirit,
Pledge of the Father's care,
Thou Helper all victorious,
Assist our praise and pray'r.
Lead Thou our hearts in worship
Before the Throne of Grace,
And cleanse our inward vision
To see our Master's face.

4 O God Triune and Glorious,
Eternally adored,
Thou art, in, dawn or darkness
Our mighty Sov'reign Lord;
Thou art our friend, our Father
Our Paraclete confessed;
Thou art, through endless ages,
Redeemer ever blest.

Text Information
First Line: O God, whose Voice hath called us
Title: Brighton
Author: Rev N. L. Beurle
Language: English
Tune Information
Composer: L. F. Lierich

Adobe Acrobat image: PDF Score
Audio recording: Organ, F Major, 4
(Recorded by Clyde McLennan. F Major, 4 verses)