Text:Exaudi Deus
Author:J. H.

33b. Exaudi Deus

1 O Lord, unto my voice give eare,
with plaint when I do pray:
And rid my life and soule from feare
of foes that threat to slay.
2 Defend me from that sort of men,
that in deceit do lurk:
And from the frowning face of them
who all ill feats do work.

3 Who whet their tongues as we have seen
men whet and sharp their swords:
They shoot abroad their arrowes keen,
I mean most bitter words.
4 With privy shoot they their shafts,
the upright man to hit:
The just unwares to strike by craft,
they care or feare no whit.

5 A wicked work they have decreed,
in counsell thus they cry:
To use deceit let us not dread,
what? who can it espie?
6 What way to hurt they talk and muse
all times within their heart:
They all consult what feats to use,
each doth invent his part.

7 But yet all this shall not prevaile,
when they think least upon:
God with his dart shall sure assaile,
and wound them every one.
8 Their crafts & their ill tongues withall
shall work themselves such blame:
That they who then behold their fall
shall wonder at the same.

9 Thenall that see shall know right well
that God the thing hath wrought:
And praise his mighty works and tell
what he to passe hath brought.
10 Yet shall the just in God rejoyce,
still trusting in his might:
So shall they joy with mind and voice,
whose hearts are pure and right.

Text Information
First Line: O Lord unto my voice give eare
Title: Exaudi Deus
Author: J. H.
Publication Date: 1640
Language: English
Notes: Sing to Psalm 59
Tune Information
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