45a. Qui regis Israel

1 Thou herd that Israel dost keep,
give eare and take good heed:
Which leadest Joseph like a sheep,
and dost him watch and feed.
2 Thou Lord, say, whose seat is set
on Cherubins most bright:
Shew forth thy selfe, and do not let,
send down thy beams of light.

3 Before Ephraim and Benjamin,
Manasses eke likewise:
To shew thy power do thou begin,
come help us Lord arise.
4 Direct our hearts unto thy grace,
convert us, Lord, to thee:
Shew us the brightnesse of thy face,
and then full safe are we.

5 Lord God of hosts of Israel,
how long wilt thou I say,
Against thy fo1k in anger swell,
and wilt not heare them pray?
6 Thou dost them feed with sorrows deep
their bread with teares they eate:
And drink the teares that they do weep,
in measure full and great.

7 Thou hast us made a very strife,
to those that dwell about:
And that our foes do love a life,
they laugh and jest it out.
8 O take us (Lord) unto thy grace,
convert our hearts to thee:
Shew forth to us thy joyfull face,
and we full safe shall be.

9 From Egypt, where it grew not well,
thou brought'st a vine full deare:
The heathen folk thou didst expell,
and thou didst plant it there.
10 Thou didst prepare for it a place,
and set its roots full fast,
That it did grow and spring apace,
and fill'd the land at last.

The second Part:

11 The hills were covered round about,
with shade that from it came:
And eke the cedars strong and stout,
with branches of the same.
12 Why then didst thou her wals destroy
her hedge pluckt up thou hast:
That all the folk that passe thereby,
the vine do spoile and waste.

13 The Boare out of the wood so wild,
doth dig and root it out:
The furious beasts out of the field
devoure it all about.
14 O Lord of hoasts returne againe,
from heaven look betime:
Behold and with thy help sustaine
this poore vineyard of thine.

15 Thy plant, I say, thine Israel,
whom thy right hand hath set:
The same which thou didst love so well,
O Lord, do not forget.
16 They lop and cut it down apace,
they burn it eke with fire:
And through the frowning of thy face
we perish in thine ire.

17 Let thy right hand be with him now,
whom thou hast kept so long:
And with the sonne of man whom thou
to thee hast made so strong.
18 And so when thou hast set us free,
and saved us from shame:
Then will we never fall from thee,
but call upon thy Name.

19 O Lord of hosts, through thy good grace,
convert us unto thee:
Behold us with a pleasant face,
and then full safe are we.

Text Information
First Line: Thou herd that Israel dost keep
Title: Qui regis Israel
Author: J. H.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Notes: Sing this as Psalm 77
Tune Information
(No tune information)

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