4a. Confitebor tibi Dom

1 With heart & mouth unto the Lord
will I sing laud and praise:
And speak of all thy wondrous works,
and them declare alwaies.
2 I will be glad and much rejoyce,
in thee O God most hie:
And make my songs extoll thy Name
above the starie skie.

3 For that my foes are driven back,
and turned unto flight:
they fall down flat and are destroid
by thy great power and might.
4 Thou hast revenged all my wrong,
my griefe and all my grudge:
Thou dost with justice heare my cause
most like a righteouss Judge.

5 Thou dost rebuke the heathen folk,
and wicked so confound:
That afterward the memory
of them cannot be found.
6 My foes thou hast made good dispatch,
and all their towns destroid:
Thou hast their fame with them defaced,
through ll the world so wide.

7 Know thou that he which is above
for evermoere shall raigne,
And in the seat of equity
true judgement will maintaine.
8 With justice he will keep and guide
the world and every wight:
And so will yeeld with equity
to every man his right.

9 He is protector of the poore,
what time they be opprest:
He is in all adversity
their refuge and their rest.
10 All they that know thy holy Name
therefore shall trust in thee:
For thou forsakest not their suit
in their necessity.

The second Part:

11 Sing Psalmes therfore unto the Lord,
that dwels in Sion hill:
Puglish among all nations,
his noble acts and will.
12 For he is mindfull of the blood
of those that be opprest:
forgetting not th'afflicted heart
that seeks to him for rest.

13 Have mercy Lord on me pore wretch
whose enemies still remaine:
Which from the gates of death art wont,
to raise me up againe.
14 In Sion that I might set forth
thy praise with heart and voice:
And that in thy salvation Lord,
my soule might still rejoyce.

15 The heathen stick fast in the pit
that they themselves prepar'd:
And in the net that they did set,
their own feet fast are snar'd.
16 God shews his judgements which were good
for every man to mark:
When as ye see the wicked man
lie trap'd in his own wark.

17 The wicked and deceitfull men
go down to hell for ever:
And all the people of the world
that will not God remember.
18 But sure the Lord will not forget
the poore mans griefe and paine
The patient people never look
for help of God in vaine.

19 O Lord arise lest men prevaile
that be of worldly might:
And let the heathen folk receive
their judgment in thy sight.
20 Lord strike such terror feare and dread
into the hearts of them:
That they may know assuredly,
they be but mortall men.

Text Information
First Line: With heart & mouth unto the Lord
Title: Confitebor tibi Dom
Author: T. S.
Language: English
Publication Date: 1640
Notes: Sing this to Psalm 3
Tune Information
(No tune information)

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