9a. Coeli enarrant

1 The heavens and firmament on high
do wondrously declare
The glory of God omnipotent,
his works and what they are.
2 The wondrous works of God appeare
by every daies success?
The nights likewise which their race run
the self same thing express.

3 There is no language, tongue, or speech,
where their sound is not heard;
In all the earth and coasts thereof
their knowledge is confer'd.
4 In them the Lord made for the Sun
a place of great renown:
who like a bride-groome ready trim'd,
doth from his chamber come.

5 And as a valiant champion,
who for to get a prize,
With joy doth hast to take in hand,
some noble enterprise.
6 And all the skie from end to end
he compasseth about:
Nothing can hide if from his heat,
but he will find it out.

7 How perfect is the law of God,
how is his covenant sure:
Converting soules, and making wise
the simple and obscure.
8 Just are the Lords commandements,
and glad both heart and mind:
His precepts pure and do give light
to eyes that be full blind.

9 The feare of God is excellent
and doth endure for ever:
The judgements of the lord are true,
and righteous altogether.
10 And more to be embrac'd alway,
then fined gold I say:
The honey and the honey-combe
are not so sweet as they.

11 By them thy servant is fore-warn'd
to have God in regard;
And in performance of the same,
there shall be great reward.
12 But Lord what earthly man doth know
the errors of his life:
Then cleanse me from my secret sins,
which are in me most rife:

13 And keep me that presumptuous sins
prevaile not over me:
And so shall I be innocent,
and great offences flee.
14 Accept my mouth and eke my heart,
my words and thoughts each one:
For my Redeemer and my strength,
O Lord, thou art alone.

Text Information
First Line: The heavens and the firmament
Title: Coeli enarrant
Author: T. S.
Publication Date: 1640
Scripture: Psalm 19
Language: English
Notes: Sing to Psalm 3
Tune Information
(No tune information)