American Hymns Old and New

Editor: Albert Christ-Janer, Charles W. Hughes, Carleton Sprague Smith
Publisher: Columbia University Press, New York, 1980
Language: English
Notes: A 2-volume work, the first volume in xviii+838 pages contains the hymns, while the second, subtitled "Notes on the Hymns and Biographies of the Authors and Composers", contains xii+621 pages
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17I lift my heart to theePSALM 25
18Now Israel may say, and that trulyPSALM 124
19Give peace in these our days, O LordDA PACEM
20Our Father which in heaven artTHE LORD'S PRAYER
22Such as in God the Lord do trustHIGH DUTCH TUNE
23O Lord, turn not away thy faceTHE LAMENTATION
24The Lord descended from aboveMAJESTY
26My Shepherd is the living LordCAMBRIDGE
27Thou, Lord, hast been our sure defense
28Thy mercies, Lord, to heaven reach
29O hear my prayer Lord
30O Lord, that art my God and King
31Help, Lord, because the godly man
32I to the hills will lift mine eyes
33The Lord's my shepherd, I'll not want
34Except the Lord, that he for us had been
35How long, Jehovah, wilt Thou me forget for aye?
36Fire in my meditation burned
37I minded God and made tumultuous cries
38I spread out unto thee my hands
40In the distress upon me call did I
42With all my heart, Jehovah, I'll confess
43To God our strength shout joyfully
44Unto Jehovah sing will I
46Give ear, O heavens, to that which I declare
48The heavens do declare
49Blessèd is everyone
50Not to us, not unto us, Lord
52Make ye a joyful sounding noise
53O Lord, thou hast been to the land
54Come harken unto me all ye
55I love the lord, because he doth
56O Lord, Almighty God, thy works
57Let him with kisses of his mouth
58The sun and moon so high and bright
59I to the Lord from my distress
60Lord, who's the happy man that may
62In pilgrim life our rest
64And truly it is a most glorious thing
65Confess we all, before the Lord
66Whoso would see this song of heavenly choice
68Judah in exile wanders
71O blest estate! Blest from above!
74The bounty of Jehovah praise
75Hail, holy land, wherein our holy Lord
76Lord, many times thou pleasèd art
78If birds that neither sow nor reap
79When sun doth rise the stars do setText
80As spring the winter doth succeed
81O Thou most high who rulest all
82If thou wilt hear, O then give ear
83Welcome, sweet rest, by me so long desired
84Whilst in this world I stay, some hopes have I
85For just men light is sown
86Hail to the Queen who reigns above
87How glorious are the morning stars!
88Like to the grass that's green today
89Great God, Preserver of all things
90In heaven soaring up, I dropped an ear
92When I admire the greatness (Als ik des Heren werk)
94Oh, sing to God your maker (Laat ons de Here zingen)
96God set us here till savage rulers fell (God stelt ons hier tot der barbaren spijt)
98O Christmas night! day's light transcending (O Kersnacht, lichter dan de dagen)
100Rise, ye children of salvation (Auf, ihr Christen, Christi Glieder)
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