The Brilliant: a cluster of song brilliants for Sunday schools. Including a tempernace department

Editor: W. T. Giffe
Published: 1874
Place of Publication: Indianapolis, Ind.
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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3New Pearls of Song for Jesus we bringPage Scan
4White as snow! Oh, what a promisePage Scan
5Have you heard of the golden paved cityPage Scan
6O come let us sing unto the LordPage Scan
7Holy Bible! book divine!Page Scan
8Do something for Jesus, He does much for theePage Scan
9How sweet is life, yet soon 'tis pastPage Scan
10When the Chief Shepherd shall appearPage Scan
11Fierce was the tempest wildPage Scan
12Shall we meet our loved and lost onesPage Scan
13With joy we hail the sacred dayPage Scan
14I'll leave all with JesusPage Scan
15God of mercy hear our prayerPage Scan
16Come, let us sing of heavenPage Scan
17aO to be there! Where never tears of sorrowPage Scan
17bFather, Thou knowest what is bestPage Scan
18Cast thy bread upon the watersPage Scan
20We will rally to the standardPage Scan
22Little sleeper, Christ has takenPage Scan
23Come to the Saviour, Make no delayPage Scan
24Hail to the New Year's dayPage Scan
25Songs of praise the angels sangPage Scan
26The seed has been sown and the harvest is comePage Scan
28Take hold of our hand, O blessed Christ!Page Scan
29There is a home, a happy homePage Scan
30Far away, far away is the land so brightPage Scan
31Saviour, now receive himPage Scan
32We are laboring on in the cause of JesusPage Scan
33What are those soul reviving strainsPage Scan
34Hark! how the cheerful Sabbath bellsPage Scan
35How blest the righteous when he diesPage Scan
36I need Thee, precious JesusPage Scan
37How softly on the bruised heartPage Scan
38The Christmas bells are ringing, ringing, ringingPage Scan
39Gentle Jesus! How I love TheePage Scan
40While o'er the deep Thy servants sailPage Scan
41There is a world of perfect blissPage Scan
42Tarry with me, O my SaviourPage Scan
43My country, 'tis of theePage Scan
44Come, fellow pilgrim, march alongPage Scan
45Live for something, be not idlePage Scan
46In heaven above, in that land of lovePage Scan
48Watchman, onward to your stationsPage Scan
49There stands a Rock, on shores of timePage Scan
50O come to the Fountain of LifePage Scan
51Lord, Thy word abidethPage Scan
52One more year has gone!Page Scan
53The other side! Ah, there's the placePage Scan
54Lift a little, lift a littlePage Scan
55In that world of ancient storyPage Scan
56Bells are ringing loud and clearPage Scan
57Father, we have wandered far from Thee todayPage Scan
58When the morning bell is ringingPage Scan
59Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o'er theePage Scan
60Onward, brother, nobly onwardPage Scan
61O! the fields are ripe for harvestPage Scan
62aIt is all very well that the cross we should bearPage Scan
62b"The harvest is plenteous," oh why do we wait?Page Scan
64Thousands she has safely landedPage Scan
65Although to me no quiet homePage Scan
66Tho' we're tossed on life's rough oceanPage Scan
67Now the day is over, Night is drawing nighPage Scan
68aCloser, still closer, my Saviour, to TheePage Scan
68bWe gather in the childrenPage Scan
70Let us sing of the land, of the land far awayPage Scan
72"Remember thy Creator"Page Scan
73What can I give to JesusPage Scan
74Only waiting till the shadowsPage Scan
76The Saviour bids us not to hidePage Scan
78I am looking tonight at the stars so brightPage Scan
79Come to Jesus, erring onePage Scan
80Far, far away in the regions immortalPage Scan
81All hail the pow'r of Jesus' namePage Scan
82Oh, let us sing of heavenPage Scan
83According to Thy gracious wordPage Scan
84We'll gather from the east, and from the westPage Scan
85Lord, I'm a wayward childPage Scan
86Humbly beneath Thy chast'ning rodPage Scan
87My hope is built on nothing lessPage Scan
88In that city eternal what joys to be toldPage Scan
89Life is a span, a fleeting hourPage Scan
90To His disciples, Jesus saidPage Scan
91Sing, children, sing, To the Lord, your KingPage Scan
92Glad tidings come rolling across the blue oceanPage Scan
93Arm of the Lord, awake, awakePage Scan
94In merry childhood's sunny hoursPage Scan
96Go and tell Jesus, weary, sin-sick soulPage Scan
97How precious is the book divinePage Scan
98Go to the hedges and broad highwayPage Scan
99O, come dear children, let us goPage Scan
100The drop of dew falls softly downPage Scan
102One by one they gather homePage Scan
104How loving is Jesus, who came from the skyPage Scan
105The Lord is my Shepherd, And I shall not wantPage Scan
106There's a Star that shines on the blest highwayPage Scan
107There's a song in the air, There's a star in the skyPage Scan
108Sing of Jesus, sing foreverPage Scan
109But yester morn the angry wavesPage Scan
110O come guilty sinnerPage Scan
111There is a Lamp whose steady lightPage Scan

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