Bradbury's Golden Chain of Sabbath School Melodies: comprising a great variety of new music and hymns composed and written expressly for the Sabbath school: together with many of the best ...

Editor: Wm B. Bradbury
Publisher: Ivison, Phinney & Co., New York, 1861
Language: English
Notes: Numbering is by page number. Letters are added to hymns that start on the same page.
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3How sweet, how [and] heavenly is the sightPage Scan
4The Sunday school that blessed placePage Scan
5To our dear Sabbath [Sunday] school there oughtPage Scan
6I saw a little blade of grassPage Scan
7aCome children raise your voices highPage Scan
7bLord, when thou didst ascend on highPage Scan
8Now to heaven our prayer ascending[Now to heaven our prayer ascending]Page Scan
9aI'll awake at dawn on the Sabbath dayPage Scan
9bLord, dismiss us with thy blessingPage Scan
10Sweet hour of prayer, sweet hour of prayerPage Scan
11O, come to the Sunday schoolPage Scan
12Lift your heads with faithPage Scan
14Who shall sing if not the childrenPage Scan
15Hark! how the cheerful morning bellsPage Scan
16If I were a voice, a persuasive voicePage Scan
17In all my [our] vast concerns with theePage Scan
18Gather them in, gather them in, Gather the children inPage Scan
19Thus far the Lord hath [has] led me onPage Scan
20Far out upon the prairiePage Scan
21Rejoice, all ye believersPage Scan
22O say, can you see, by the dawn's early lightPage Scan
24Peacefully lay her [him] down to rest; Place the turfPage Scan
25On Calvary's heights amazing grace beholdPage Scan
26Pilgrims, we are to Canaan boundPage Scan
27O do not be discouraged, For Jesus is your friendPage Scan
28Dear Savior, ever at my side, How loving Thou must bePage Scan
29Today a youthful throngPage Scan
30Call the children early, motherPage Scan
31I'll rise up early in the morningPage Scan
32A home in heaven, what a joyful thoughtPage Scan
33"It is well! It is well! It is well!"Page Scan
34Shall we sing in heaven foreverPage Scan
36In the Christian's home in [of] gloryPage Scan
37O'er the dark abodes of sorrowPage Scan
38Pilgrim halting, staff in handPage Scan
39River of death, thy stream I seePage Scan
40Hear the royal proclamation, the glad tidingsPage Scan
41Over the ocean wave, far, far awayPage Scan
42In the tempest of life when the wave and gale is roundPage Scan
43aPleasant is the Sabbath bellPage Scan
43bChildren of the heavenly KingPage Scan
44There is no name so sweet on earth, No name so sweet in heavenPage Scan
45Come, children, let us sweetly singPage Scan
46When the battle is foughtPage Scan
47When we, our wearied [weary] limbs to restPage Scan
48O that will joyful bePage Scan
49The gospel ship is sailing, sailing, sailingPage Scan
51Hark, the morning bells are ringing Children, haste without delayPage Scan
52Ye valiant soldiers of the crossPage Scan
53aOn Jordan's stormy banks I standPage Scan
53bThere is a clime where Jesus reignsPage Scan
53cIt first was unfurled upon Bethlehem's plainPage Scan
54Cheerfully, cheerfully onward we movePage Scan
56Chide mildly the erringPage Scan
57When the day with rosy lightPage Scan
58The mites have the blessingPage Scan
59We wish you all a happy New YearPage Scan
60I asked a sweet robin one morning in MayPage Scan
61My soul be on thy [your] guardPage Scan
62I've roamed over mountainPage Scan
63aThank God for the Bible! 'tis there that we findPage Scan
63bTo the sports of the thoughtless, or pleasures of sinPage Scan
64What are these [those] soul reviving strainsPage Scan
65I'm a lonely traveler herePage Scan
66O there is a river whose fresh waters flowPage Scan
67My God, how endless [lasting] is thy lovePage Scan
68Here o'er the earth as a stranger I roamPage Scan
69The Sabbath bells are ringing, ringing, ringingPage Scan
70Sweetly sing, sweetly sing praisesPage Scan
71aEarly rise, early risePage Scan
71bHow sweet the melting layPage Scan
72Come, come, sing to the SaviorPage Scan
73Children, do you love each otherPage Scan
74I will be good, dear motherPage Scan
75There is a time, we know not whenPage Scan
76We are joyously voyagingPage Scan
77Once more, my soul, the rising day salutes thy waking eyesPage Scan
78Whither, pilgrims, are you [ye] going[Whither, pilgrims, are you going]Page Scan
79O come to the good ShepherdPage Scan
80Happy the man, whose cautious feetPage Scan
81Holy Father, thou hast taught mePage Scan
82This life is a battle with Satan and sinPage Scan
83My days are gliding swiftly byPage Scan
84Jerusalem, divine abode, the cityPage Scan
85Must Jesus bear the [his] cross alonePage Scan
86Joy to the sons of men [man]Page Scan
87We are out on the ocean sailingPage Scan
88There's a light in the window for thee, brotherPage Scan
90I am bound for the land of the livingPage Scan
92Jerusalem, my happy homePage Scan
93Angels are hovering aroundPage Scan
94Savior, like a shepherd lead usPage Scan
95Who was in the [a] manger laidPage Scan
96When the Sabbath bell is ringingPage Scan
97aWhen I can read my title clearPage Scan
97bThere is a fold where none can strayPage Scan
97cSee Israel's gentle Shepherd standPage Scan
98The soul on earth is doomed to pinePage Scan
99When on the sabbath mornPage Scan
100Suppose the [a] little cowslipPage Scan

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