The Book of Psalms Rendered in Metre and Set to Music

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d1A little that a just man hath
d2According to Thy word, O Lord
d3Against a godless nation, judge
d4All my soul, bless thou Jehovah, All within me bless his name
d5All people clap your hands for joy, to God
d6All people that on earth do dwell, Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice
d7Among the many gods, O Lord
d8And from above the Lord sent down
d9And now, O Lord, what wait I longer for
d10And yet they tempted God most high
d11As herds of bulls that roam the wild
d12As in its thirst the panting hart
d13At all times I will bless the Lord
d14At Meribah they angered God
d15Be merciful to me, O God
d16Be merciful to me, O God, for man
d17Be not far off, for grief is near
d18Be thou exalted, O my God
d19Because he mercy minded not
d20Because I am in trouble, Lord
d21Behold how good a thing it is, and how becoming
d22Behold, ye who Jehovah serve
d23Bless thou Jehovah, O my soul
d24Blessed be the Lord, who is to us
d25Blest the man who [that] fears Jehovah
d26But his own people forth like sheep
d27But I in thee with confidence
d28But in a time accepted, Lord
d29But, Lord, be merciful to me
d30But now become exceeding poor
d31But still they sinned, nor yet believed
d32But thine anointed thou hast shared
d33But thou hast forsaken, to shame brought our boasts
d34But thou Jehovah, shalt endure
d35But to the wicked man
d36But we are now cast off by thee
d37By Babel's stream we sat and wept
d38By what means shall a young man learn
d39Cease thou from every angry thought
d40Consider mine affliction great
d41Do thou in bounty deal with me
d42Except the Lord shall build the house
d43Fainteth my soul for thy precious salvation
d44For evil doers, fret thou not thyself unquietly
d45For their transgression and their sin
d46For thou hast formed my inward parts
d47For thou, O God, hast tested us
d48Forevermore in heaven O Lord
d49From heaven O praise the Lord
d50From my sins hide thou thy face
d51From out the depths, O Lord, I call to thee
d52Give ear, Jehovah, to my words
d53Give ear to this my prayer, O God
d54Give thou an answer when I call
d55Give ye to Jehovah, O sons of the mighty
d56God be merciful to me, On thy grace
d57God bless and pity us, Shine on us with thy face
d58God hath sworn in truth to David
d59God in his holiness hath said
d60God is our refuge and our strength, In straits a present aid
d61God stands in council of the great
d62God, the Lord, is known in Judah
d63Great is Jehovah, and he is To be praised greatly
d64Had not the Lord been on our side
d65Hallelujah, praise Jehovah, O my soul
d66He called for famine on the land
d67He changed the water-springs to drought
d68He in the heaven sets the moon
d69He into valleys sets the springs
d70He made known his ways to Moses
d71He sent from heaven and rescued me
d72He that doth in the secret place
d73Hear, Isr'l's Shepherd, like a flock
d74Hear this all people, all [and] give ear,
d75Hear this all ye people, hear, earth's inhabitants
d76His wonders and his mighty signs
d77Hold not thy peace o god my praise
d78How blessed the man that walketh not
d79How blest the upright in the way
d80How dear to me, o Lord of hosts
d81How great's the goodness thou for them
d82How long wilt thou forget me, Lord, Shall it forever be
d83How lovely, Lord of hosts, to me
d84How manifold, Lord, thy works here displayed
d85How shall a young man cleanse his way
d86I cried with my heart
d87I in Jehovah put my trust
d88I in the Lord will joy that day
d89I joyed when to the house of God
d90I love the Lord because he heard
d91I love thee, O my Lord, my might
d92I mercy will and judgment sing
d93I said, my ways I'll guard with care
d94I shall not die, but live and tell
d95I to the hills will lift mine [my] eyes
d96I waited long upon the Lord
d97I will now give thanks with whole heart
d98I will take heed and guard my ways
d99I will thee praise, my God, O King
d100If I had said, I thus will speak

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