Book of Public Worship for the Use of The New Church signified by the new Jerusalem in the Revelation

Publisher: Otis Clapp, Boston, 1838
Denomination: General Church of the New Jerusalem
Language: English
Notes: Selections for chanting (S), Doxologies (D) and Glorifications (G) are numbered separately
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S1Praise ye Jehovah fromthe heavensPage Scan
S2Praise Jehovah from the earthPage Scan
S3A song to Jehovah, for exalting he hath exaltedPage Scan
S4Thy testimonies are wonderfulPage Scan
S5Let my cry come before thy face, O JEHOVAHPage Scan
S6Look upon mine affliction, and deliver mePage Scan
S7Happy are the perfect in the wayPage Scan
S8Teach me, O JEHOVAH, the way of thy salvationPage Scan
S9For ever, O JEHOVAHPage Scan
S10Give the king thy judgments, O GODPage Scan
S11Yea, all kings shall bow down to himPage Scan
S12My soul doth magnify the LordPage Scan
S13I will lift up mine eyes to the mountainsPage Scan
S14I will praise thee, O JEHOVAHPage Scan
S15Out of the deeps have I cried to thee, O JEHOVAHPage Scan
S16Give to JEHOVAH, O ye sons of GODPage Scan
S17The glory of JEHOVAH shall endure for everPage Scan
S18Now is come the salvation and the strengthPage Scan
S19In my distress I called upon JEHOVAHPage Scan
S20Wherewith shall a young man cleanse his way?Page Scan
S21My soul cleaveth to the dustPage Scan
S22Remember the word to thy servantPage Scan
S23O JEHOVAH, rebuke me not in thy wrathPage Scan
S24O JEHOVAH, the GOD of my salvationPage Scan
S25As the hart panteth for the brooks of waterPage Scan
S26In GOD we boast all the dayPage Scan
S27O JEHOVAH, I have called upon thee all the dayPage Scan
S28Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be cleanPage Scan
S29Judge me, O JEHOVAHPage Scan
S30Whither shall I go from thy spirit?Page Scan
S31How precious are thy thoughts unto me, O GOD!Page Scan
S32O GOD, why hast thou cast us off forever?Page Scan
S33Remember, O JEHOVAH, thy mercies and thy kindnessesPage Scan
S34Restore us again, O GODPage Scan
S35Have mercy upon me, O GODPage Scan
S36Unto thee, O JEHOVAH, do I lift up my soulPage Scan
S37The secret of JEHOVAH is with them that fear himPage Scan
S38O JEHOVAH, I have loved the abode of thy housePage Scan
S39Good and upright is JEHOVAHPage Scan
S40Save me, O GOD, by thy namePage Scan
S41Lord, open thou my lipsPage Scan
S42And thou, child, shalt be called the prophet of the HighestPage Scan
S43O JEHOVAH, GOD of hosts, hear my prayerPage Scan
S44I was glad when they said unto mePage Scan
S45How lovely are they tabernaclesPage Scan
S46And in the same country were shepherds abiding in the fieldPage Scan
S47In my distress I called upon JEHOVAHPage Scan
S48In my distress I called upon JEHOVAHPage Scan
S49O clap your hands all ye peoplePage Scan
S50In my distress I called upon JEHOVAHPage Scan
S51I will love thee, JEHOVAH, my strengthPage Scan
S52GOD is my King of oldPage Scan
S53GOD is our refuge and our strengthPage Scan
S54Sing unto GOD, ye kingdoms of the earthPage Scan
S55Sing unto GodPage Scan
S56We have a strong cityPage Scan
S57I will love thee, O JEHOVAH, my strengthPage Scan
S58JEHOVAH is my lightPage Scan
S59Arise, O JEHOVAH, into thy restPage Scan
S60I will love thee, O JEHOVAH, my strengthPage Scan
S61JEHOVAH reigneth; let the earth rejoicePage Scan
S62How manifold are thy works, O JEHOVAHPage Scan
S63Great is JEHOVAH, and greatly to be praisedPage Scan
S64Thou dost visit the earth and water itPage Scan
S65How beautiful upon the mountainsPage Scan
S66O JEHOVAH, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the hearth!Page Scan
S67O bless our GOD, ye peoplePage Scan
S68It is good to give thanks to JEHVOAHPage Scan
S69O sing a new song to JEHOVAHPage Scan
S70When Israel went out of EgyptPage Scan
S71Thou rulest the raging of the seaPage Scan
S72Come ye, and let us go up to the mount of JEHOVAHPage Scan
S73Rejoice in JEHOVAH, O ye righteousPage Scan
S74JEHOVAH bringeth the counsel of the nations to noughtPage Scan
S75Blessed be the Lord GOD of IsraelPage Scan
S76I will praise thee, O JEHOVAH, with all my heartPage Scan
S77The king shall in thy strength, O JEHOVAHPage Scan
S78JEHOVAH is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cupPage Scan
S79I love JEHOVAHPage Scan
S80O give thanks to JEHOVHAH; for he is goodPage Scan
S81I will sing of the mercies of JEHOVAH foreverPage Scan
S82Praise ye the name of JEHOVAHPage Scan
S83Thy name, O JEHOVAH, is foreverPage Scan
S84Hear my cry, O GODPage Scan
S85In thee, O JEHOVAH, do I put my trustPage Scan
S86O GOD, be not far from mePage Scan
S87God be merciful unto us, and bless usPage Scan
S88Truly GOD is good to IsraelPage Scan
S89Praise waiteth for thee, O GOD, in ZionPage Scan
S90O give thanks to JEHOVAH, call upon his namePage Scan
S91Praise, O ye servants of JEHVOAHPage Scan
S92I will bless JEHOVAH at all timesPage Scan
S93I will praise the name of GOD with a new songPage Scan
S94Blessed is the man whom thou dost chasten, O JAHPage Scan
S95Blessed is the man that feareth JEHOVAHPage Scan
S96O give thanks to JEHOVHAH; for he is goodPage Scan
S97O give thanks to JEHOVHAH; for he is goodPage Scan
S98O give thanks to JEHOVHAH; for he is goodPage Scan
S99O give thanks to JEHOVHAH; for he is goodPage Scan
S100O give thanks to JEHOVHAH; for he is goodPage Scan

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