The Choice: in two parts; Part I, containing Psalms and hymns, Part II, containing spiritual songs; designed for public and private worship (6th ed.)

Editor: William Dossey
Publisher: Charles De Silver & Sons, Philadelphia, 1856
Language: English
Notes: Hymns, Doxologies, and Spiritual Songs are numbered separately
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S63And art thou, gracious Master, gonePage Scan
S64When first my heart was woundedPage Scan
S66In evil long I took delightPage Scan
S67All within was dark and gloomyPage Scan
S68When drawn by the Father, I camePage Scan
S69Come, brethren and sisters, who're now on the wayPage Scan
S70The fountain of mercy rolls down from the skyPage Scan
S71Ye brethren, who profess the LordPage Scan
S72Once in the time of pressing needPage Scan
S73Wounded by the Spirit's swordPage Scan
S74Jesus, Master, pray discoverPage Scan
S75When Christ, the Lord, had left the deadPage Scan
S76Come, soldiers for Jesus, attend to this wayPage Scan
S77Jesus, I my cross have takenPage Scan
S78Come, all ye who ever have mercy obtain'dPage Scan
S79Come, all who are trav'lling to CanaanPage Scan
S80Attend, ye saints, and hear me tellPage Scan
S81Come away to the skiesPage Scan
S82O how happy are theyPage Scan
S83God is our refuge in distressPage Scan
S84Lord, and is thine anger gonePage Scan
S85'Tis my desire with God to walkPage Scan
S86I long to see the season comePage Scan
S87O how I have long'd for the comin of God!Page Scan
S88How tedious and tasteless the hoursPage Scan
S89There is a heaven above the skiesPage Scan
S90Come, my friend, and let us tryPage Scan
S91I'll sing my Saviour's gracePage Scan
S92Begone, unbelief, my Saviour is nearPage Scan
S93O glorious hope of perfect love!Page Scan
S94Come, ye that love the Lord indeedPage Scan
S95Come, Lord, and help us to rejoicePage Scan
S96Ye happy children, who follow JesusPage Scan
S97Ye children of Zion, who're bound to the kingdomPage Scan
S98Come, and taste along with mePage Scan
S99This day my soul has caugh tnew firePage Scan
S100Hark! my soul, it is the LordPage Scan
S101Bright scenes of glory strike my sensePage Scan
S102There is a land of pleasurePage Scan
S103Trump of war! awake the soldierPage Scan
S104Why sleep ye, my brethren!–come let us arisePage Scan
S105Brethren, while we sojourn herePage Scan
S106Come, soldiers of Jesus, awake from your sleepPage Scan
S107Come on, my partners in distressPage Scan
S108Awake! ye soldiers of the crossPage Scan
S109At a distance from heaven, in a world of contentionPage Scan
S110Saviour, visit thy plantationPage Scan
S111Say now, ye lovely, social bandPage Scan
S112Awake, my dear brethren, who trust in the LordPage Scan
S113Oh! when shall I see JesusPage Scan
S114Jesus, thy boundless love to mePage Scan
S115I would not live alway, thus fetter'd by sinPage Scan
S116Says Faith, look yonder! see the crownPage Scan
S117An alien from God, and a stranger to gracePage Scan
S118Jesus, thou odoriferous name!Page Scan
S119How happy is every child of gracePage Scan
S120On Jordan's stormy banks I standPage Scan
S121Jerusalem! my happy homePage Scan
S122Sweet rivers of redeeming lovePage Scan
S123My soul's full of glory, inspiring my tonguePage Scan
S124Retir'd from man, in some lonely recessPage Scan
S125Tell me no more of earthly toysPage Scan
S126O tell me no more of this world's vain storePage Scan
S127Infinite goodness teaches us submissionPage Scan
S128In the floods of tribulationPage Scan
S129Afflictions, though they seem severePage Scan
S130My Jesus! I pray thee to be ever nearPage Scan
S131Behold the path that mortals treadPage Scan
S132No room for mirth or trifling herePage Scan
S133The time draws nigh, I must go homePage Scan
S134My days, my weeks, my months, my yearsPage Scan
S135My youthful friends, to ruin boundPage Scan
S136While angels strike their tuneful stringsPage Scan
S137O turn, guilty sinners, O why will you diePage Scan
S138Arise and shine, O Zion, fairPage Scan
S139What sound is this salutes mine ear!Page Scan
S140When thou, my righteous Judge, shalt comePage Scan
S141Brethren, I am come againPage Scan
S142Draw nigh to us, JehovahPage Scan
S143With gladness, dear brethren, we meet at this placePage Scan
S144My Christian friends in bonds of lovePage Scan
S145Farewell, my friends, I must be gonePage Scan
S146And now, dear brethren, I bid you farewellPage Scan
S147While in this vale of sorrowPage Scan
S148Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at handPage Scan
S149Awake, my heart! my soul, arise!Page Scan
S150Jesus, lover of my soulPage Scan
S151Stop, poor sinners, stop and thinkPage Scan
S152Now the Saviour stands a pleadingPage Scan
S153Awake! careless sinners, believe and obeyPage Scan
S154Come, ye sinners, poor and wretchedPage Scan
S155Come, dear brethren in the SaviourPage Scan
S156Away, my doubts, begone, my fearsPage Scan
S157Away, my unbelieving fear!Page Scan
S158Dark and thorny is the desertPage Scan
S159In songs of sublime adoration and praisePage Scan
S160Blessed are the sons of GodPage Scan
S161Hark! the jubilee is comingPage Scan
S162Hark! the gospel trumpet's soundingPage Scan
S163Trembling mourners, would-be ChristiansPage Scan

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