A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for Publick Worship

Editor: William Bentley
Publisher: Dabney & Cushing, Salem, Mass., 1789
Denomination: Unitarian Churches
Language: English
Notes: Psalm and Hymns are numbered separately
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P.IO thou, to whom all creatures bowTextPage Scan
P.IITo celebrate thy praise, O Lord!TextPage Scan
P.IIIThe heav'ns declare thy glory, LordTextPage Scan
P.IVLet all the just, to God, with joyTextPage Scan
P.VWith glory clad, with strength array'dTextPage Scan
P.VIO come, loud anthems let us singTextPage Scan
P.VIIWith one consent, let all the earthTextPage Scan
P.VIIIBless God, my soul! Thou Lord, aloneTextPage Scan
P.IXPraise ye the Lord, our God to praiseTextPage Scan
P.XThou, Lord, by strictest search hast knownTextPage Scan
P.XIHe that has God his guardian madeTextPage Scan
P.XIIYe saints and servants of the LordTextPage Scan
P.XIIIThy mercies, and thy loveTextPage Scan
P.XIVO praise ye the Lord, prepare a new songTextPage Scan
P.XVYe boundless realms of joyTextPage Scan
P.XVISing to the Lord a new made songTextPage Scan
P.XVIIAs pants the hart for cooling streamsTextPage Scan
P.XVIIIO Lord of hosts, my King and GodTextPage Scan
P.XIXThou Lord art good, not only goodTextPage Scan
P.XXO to thy servants, Lord, returnTextPage Scan
P.XXITo thee, O Lord, my cries ascendTextPage Scan
P.XXIIO God, my gracious God, to theeTextPage Scan
P.XXIIITo bless thy chosen raceTextPage Scan
P.XXIVTo all my brethren, I'll declareTextPage Scan
P.XXVThe Lord himself, the mighty LordTextPage Scan
P.XXVIO God, my heart is fully bentTextPage Scan
P.XXVIIThou suit'st, O Lord, thy righteous waysTextPage Scan
P.XXVIIIThe Lord abounds with tender loveTextPage Scan
P.XXIXO render thanks to God aboveTextPage Scan
P.XXXThey that in ships, with courage boldTextPage Scan
P.XXXIO praise the Lord in that blest placeTextPage Scan
P.XXXIITo God, the mighty LordTextPage Scan
P.XXXIIIHow blest is he, who ne'er consentsTextPage Scan
P.XXXIVConsider that the righteous manTextPage Scan
P.XXXVLord, who's the happy man, that mayTextPage Scan
P.XXXVIGod's perfect law converts the soulTextPage Scan
P.XXXVIIApproach, ye piously dispos'dTextPage Scan
P.XXXVIIIHow bless'd are they who always keepTextPage Scan
P.XXXIXO Lord, thy mercy, my sure hopeTextPage Scan
P.XLGod does his saving health dispenseTextPage Scan
IAll knowing God, 'tis thine to knowTextPage Scan
IIThe spacious firmament on highTextPage Scan
IIIEternal God, Almighty CauseTextPage Scan
IVBefore Jehovah's awful throneTextPage Scan
VIn all our Maker's vast designsTextPage Scan
VIGreat God, to thee, the mighty KingTextPage Scan
VIIO thou, the wretched's sure retreatTextPage Scan
VIIIThe Lord of glory reigns; he reigns on highTextPage Scan
IXAlmighty Maker, GodTextPage Scan
XGreat God! the heav'ns well-order'd frameTextPage Scan
XIThere is a God, all nature speaksTextPage Scan
XIIJoin, every tongue, to praise the LordTextPage Scan
XIIIEternal Source of ev'ry Joy!TextPage Scan
XIVWe bless the Lord, the great, the goodTextPage Scan
XVPraise to God, immortal praiseTextPage Scan
XVIWe bless the God whose bounteous loveTextPage Scan
XVIIO Lord, how glorious is thy nameTextPage Scan
XVIIIYe sons of men, with joy recordTextPage Scan
XIXHow cheerful along the gay meadTextPage Scan
XXSongs of immortal praise belongTextPage Scan
XXIYe nations round the earth, rejoiceTextPage Scan
XXIILift your voice, and thankful singTextPage Scan
XXIIIGive to our God immortal praiseTextPage Scan
XXIVYe bless'd inhabitants of heavenTextPage Scan
XXVLet every creature join TextPage Scan
XXVIO for an hymn of universal praiseTextPage Scan
XXVIIPraise the Lord, let praise employTextPage Scan
XXVIIIGreat God! to thee our grateful tonguesTextPage Scan
XXIXHow are thy servants bless;d, O Lord!TextPage Scan
XXXGreat God, how endless is thy loveTextPage Scan
XXXILord, when our raptur'd thought surveysTextPage Scan
XXXIIWhen Israel through the desert pass'dTextPage Scan
XXXIIIOur Shepherd is the living LordTextPage Scan
XXXIVThe Lord my shepherd isTextPage Scan
XXXVThe Lord my pasture shall prepareTextPage Scan
XXXVILo my Shepherd's hand divine!TextPage Scan
XXXVIIThe Lord is my shepherd, my guardian, and guideTextPage Scan
XXXVIIIWhoe'er, with humble fearTextPage Scan
XXXIXYe humble souls, in God rejoice!TextPage Scan
XLThro' all the changing scenes of lifeTextPage Scan
XLIHigh in the heavens, eternal GodTextPage Scan
XLIIWhen all thy mercies, O my GodTextPage Scan
XLIIIO praise the Lord, our heavenly KingTextPage Scan
XLIVO thou, who to our humble pray'rTextPage Scan
XLVLord! for the just thou dost provideTextPage Scan
XLVIHark! from the tombs a doleful sound!TextPage Scan
XLVIIBe thou exalted, O my GodTextPage Scan
XLVIIIGreat God, attend, while Sion singsTextPage Scan
XLIXHe who hath made his refuge GodTextPage Scan
LSing to the Lord a joyful songTextPage Scan
LIAwake, my soul! Awake, my tongue!TextPage Scan
LIILet e'ery tongue thy goodness speakTextPage Scan
LIIII'll praise my Maker while I've breathTextPage Scan
LIVGod, who in various methods toldTextPage Scan
LVBehold the morning sunTextPage Scan
LVIThe heavens declare thy glory, LordTextPage Scan
LVIIHail the God of our salvationTextPage Scan
LVIIIThou God of our salvationTextPage Scan
LIXMark the soft-falling snowTextPage Scan
LXFather of men, who can complainTextPage Scan

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