A Collection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs; suited to the various kinds of Christian worship; and especially designed for and adapted to the Fraternity of the Brethren...

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701In mercy, Lord, remember mePage Scan
702Saviour, breathe an ev'ning blessingPage Scan
703Lord, thou wilt hear me when I prayPage Scan
704Glory to thee, my God, this nightPage Scan
705Now from the altar of my heart Page Scan
706Silently the shades of eveningPage Scan
707Now one day's journey less dividesPage Scan
708Thou sov'reign, let my ev'ning songPage Scan
709Sleep! drowsy sleep! come close mine eyesPage Scan
710Thus far the Lord hath led me onPage Scan
711Now, O my soul! the circling sunPage Scan
712Sun of my soul, thou Saviour dearPage Scan
713The day is past and gonePage Scan
714God from his cloudy cisterns poursPage Scan
715If peace and plenty crown my daysPage Scan
716God is the fountain whence Page Scan
717O, bless the Lord, my soulPage Scan
718O render thanks to God abovePage Scan
719Blessings to God, for ever blestPage Scan
720In all thy ways, O GodPage Scan
721Thou, who a tender parent artPage Scan
722God of mercy, hear our pray'rPage Scan
723If God succeed not, all the costPage Scan
724Happy the home, when God is therePage Scan
725God of my childhood, and my youthPage Scan
726Peace be to this habitationPage Scan
727How painfully pleasing the fond recollection Page Scan
728Sweetest bonds of friendship, herePage Scan
729I and my house will serve the LordPage Scan
730How happy are the young who hearPage Scan
731O, in the morn of life, when youthPage Scan
732The bud will soon become a flowerPage Scan
733Like mist on the mountain, like ships on the seaPage Scan
734By cool Siloam's shady rillPage Scan
735Happy is he, whose early yearsPage Scan
736How shall the young secure their heartsPage Scan
737Ye hearts with youthful vigor warmPage Scan
738Go thou, in life's fair morningPage Scan
739Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youthPage Scan
740Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear me!Page Scan
741Where shall the child of sorrow findPage Scan
742Lord, a little band, and lowlyPage Scan
743Lord of my life, whose word of pow'rPage Scan
744It is not good, Jehovah saidPage Scan
745When on her Maker's bosomPage Scan
746Let the land mourn through all its coastsPage Scan
747Dread Jehovah! God of nations!Page Scan
748Lord, in these dark and dismal daysPage Scan
749How long hath God bestow'd his carePage Scan
750And now, my soul, another yearPage Scan
751Our helper, God, we bless thy namePage Scan
752Now, gracious Lord, thine arm revealPage Scan
753Come, let us anew our journey pursuePage Scan
754When brighter suns and milder skiesPage Scan
755To praise the ever-bounteous LordPage Scan
756See the leaves around us fallingPage Scan
757Stern Winter throws his icy chainsPage Scan
758Great God, as seasons disappearPage Scan
759Praise to God, immortal praisePage Scan
760Great God of nations, now to theePage Scan
761Fountain of mercy, God of lovePage Scan
762Almighty Sov'reign of the skiesPage Scan
763Mourn for the thousands slainPage Scan
764Intemp'rance, like a raging floodPage Scan
765Destructive sword! how oft hast thouPage Scan
766Thy footsteps, Lord, with joy we tracePage Scan
767You may sing of the beauty of mountain and dalePage Scan
768Vain, delusive world, adieuPage Scan
769Christian, the morn breaks sweetly o'er theePage Scan
770Weep for the lost! Thy Saviour weptPage Scan
771Absurd and vain attempt! to bindPage Scan
772O tell me where the dove is flownPage Scan
773We shall greet them at home, we shall greet themPage Scan
774What must it be to dwell abovePage Scan
775All men are equal in their birthPage Scan
776Religion! 'tis a glorious treasurePage Scan
777When we stand before the thronePage Scan
778My bark is on a troubled seaPage Scan
779Honor and happiness unite Page Scan
780Ye diff'rent sects, who all declarePage Scan
781The Son of God goes forth to warPage Scan
782Come, all who love my Lord and MasterPage Scan
783Jesus, my all, to heaven is gonePage Scan
784Our bondage here shall end Page Scan
785How tedious and tasteless the hoursPage Scan
786In seasons of grief to my God I'll repairPage Scan
787Dear Friend, whose presence in the housePage Scan
788Saw ye my Saviour, saw ye my SaviourPage Scan
789Angels, where'er we go, attendPage Scan
790What happy children, who follow JesusPage Scan
791We seek the Golden CityPage Scan
792'Tis religion that can give Page Scan
793A sweetly solemn thought Page Scan
794Dear Refuge of my weary soulPage Scan
795Kindred in Christ, for his dear sakePage Scan
796Wrapped in a Christless shroudPage Scan
797O, happy day, that fix'd my choicePage Scan
798Joyfully, joyfully, onward I movePage Scan
799As when the weary trav'ler gainsPage Scan
800The wondrous love of JesusPage Scan

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