The Centenary Singer: a collection of hymns and tunes popular during the last one hundred years

Publisher: Carlton & Porter, New York; Cincinnati, 1867
Denomination: Methodist Episcopal Church (North)
Notes: This hymnal contains only text (no tunes).
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181A charge to keep I have, A God to glorifyPage Scan
182O thou who camest from abovePage Scan
183Help, Lord, to whom for help I flyPage Scan
184My hope, my all, my Savior, Thou to theePage Scan
185I want a principle withinPage Scan
186My faith looks up to thee, Thou Lamb of CalvaryPage Scan
187Fountain of life, to all belowPage Scan
188Lord, we are vile, conceived in sinPage Scan
189Awake, my soul, and with the sunPage Scan
190Once more, my soul, the rising day salutes thy waking eyesPage Scan
191See how the morning [mounting] [rising] sunPage Scan
192Glory to thee, my [our] God [O Lord], this night [day]Page Scan
193Now from the altar of my heart [our hearts]Page Scan
194Thus far the Lord hath [has] led me onPage Scan
195While thee I [we] seek, protecting powerPage Scan
196Except the Lord our labors blessPage Scan
197Thou, Lord, hast blest my going outPage Scan
198I love to steal awhile awayPage Scan
199Come, O thou traveller unknownWRESTLEPage Scan
200Shall I for fear of feeble manPage Scan
201aSweet is the prayer, whose holy streamPage Scan
201bTo Father, Son, and Holy GhostPage Scan
202aThe counsels of redeeming gracePage Scan
202bTo Father, Son, and Holy GhostPage Scan
203Father of mercies, in thy [your] wordPage Scan
204How precious is the book divinePage Scan
205When quiet in my house I sitPage Scan
206aNow let my soul, eternal KingPage Scan
206bPraise God, from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
207Glory be to God abovePage Scan
208Thou God of truth and lovePage Scan
209Try us, O God, and search the groundPage Scan
210Jesus, great Shepherd of the [thy] sheepPage Scan
211Jesus, united by thy gracePage Scan
212And are we yet alivePage Scan
213The heavenly treasure now we havePage Scan
214All praise to our redeeming LordPage Scan
215Blest be the tie that binds our hearts in Christian lovePage Scan
216aCome, let us to the feastPage Scan
216bLift up your hearts to things abovePage Scan
217Come, wisdom, power, and grace divinePage Scan
218Come and let us sweetly joinPage Scan
219While we walk with God in lightPage Scan
220Behold the Christian warrior stand In all the armorPage Scan
221Hark, how the watchmen cryPage Scan
222Soldiers of Christ, arise, and put [gird] your armorPage Scan
223Soldiers of Christ, lay holdPage Scan
224Urge on your rapid coursePage Scan
225aMy soul be on thy [your] guardPage Scan
225bTo God, the Father, Son, And Spirit One in ThreePage Scan
226Am I a soldier of the crossPage Scan
227When I can read my title clearPage Scan
228Jesus, the Conqueror, reignsPage Scan
229Hark! how the gospel trumpet soundsPage Scan
230Though trouble assail us, and dangers affrightPage Scan
231God moves in a mysterious wayPage Scan
232We journey through a vale of tearsPage Scan
233God of my life, whose gracious powerPage Scan
234Commit thou all thy griefsPage Scan
235aPeace, troubled soul, thou needest [need'st] not fearPage Scan
235bCome, let us tune our loftiest song, And raise to ChristPage Scan
236My span of life will soon be done [o'er]Page Scan
237Away my unbelieving fearSHIELDPage Scan
238How vain are all things here belowPage Scan
239Vain are all terrestrial pleasuresPage Scan
240aLord, I despair myself to healPage Scan
240bMy all to Christ I've givenPage Scan
241Vain, delusive world, adieuPage Scan
242Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear My voice ascending highPage Scan
243Let worldly minds the world pursuePage Scan
244aI'm not ashamed to own my [the] LordPage Scan
244bTo Father, Son, and Holy GhostPage Scan
245Jesus, and shall it ever bePage Scan
246O thou to whose all searching sightPage Scan
247Guide me, O thou great JehovahPage Scan
248Awake my soul, stretch every nervePage Scan
249Leader of faithful souls, and GuidePage Scan
250Children of the heavenly king as we journeyPage Scan
251Walk in the light, so shalt thou [and you shall] knowPage Scan
252When all thy [your] mercies, O my [our] God [gracious Lord]Page Scan
253aBe it my only wisdom herePage Scan
253bTo Father, Son, and Holy GhostPage Scan
254The Lord my pasture shall prepare, and feed me with a shepherd's carePage Scan
255aThe Lord is my Shepherd, no want shall I knowPage Scan
255bO Father Almighty, to Thee be addressedPage Scan
256My drowsy powers, why sleep ye [you] soPage Scan
257O thou who all things canst controlPage Scan
258aJesus shall I never bePage Scan
258bSing we to our God abovePage Scan
259aWhen, O my Savior, shall it bePage Scan
259bPraise God, from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
260O for that flame of living firePage Scan
261Jesus, the all restoring [sustaining] WordPage Scan
262O for a closer walk with GodPage Scan
263Lord, and is thine anger gone?Page Scan
264Head of thy [the] church triumphantPage Scan
265How do thy mercies close me round?Page Scan
266Rejoice, the Lord is King, Your God [Lord] and King adorePage Scan
267Come, ye [you] [we] that [who] love the Lord [Christ], And let your [our] joysPage Scan
268aCome thou fount of every blessingPage Scan

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