Christian Science Hymnal: a selection of spiritual songs

Publisher: Christian Science Publishing Society, Boston, 1898
Denomination: Church of Christ Scientist. Christian Science
Language: English
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101'Tis God the spirit leadsPage Scan
102Servants of Christ, arisePage Scan
103Soldiers of Christ, arisePage Scan
104Heirs of unending lifePage Scan
105Ye servants of the Lord!Page Scan
106Ye messengers of Christ!Page Scan
107Oh do not bar your mindPage Scan
108Sow in the morn thy seedPage Scan
109Happy the man, who knowsPage Scan
110Make haste, O man, to doPage Scan
111From the table now retiringPage Scan
112Call the Lord thy sure salvationPage Scan
113Onward, Christian, though the regionPage Scan
114God is Love; His mercy brightensPage Scan
115Well for him who all things losingPage Scan
116Cast thy bread upon the waters Page Scan
117Hear our pray'r, oh gracious FatherPage Scan
118Know, O child, thy full salvationPage Scan
119On the night of that last supperPage Scan
120Father, hear the pray'r we offerPage Scan
121Now sweeping down the years untoldPage Scan
122With Love and Peace and Joy supremePage Scan
123Theories, which thousands cherishPage Scan
124Vainly through night's weary hoursPage Scan
125O, my people! journ'ying onwardPage Scan
126True, the heart grows rich in givingPage Scan
127Breaking through the clouds of darknessPage Scan
128Peace be to this congregation!Page Scan
129Holy Father, Thou hast taught usPage Scan
130He that goeth forth with weepingPage Scan
131Look, ye saints! the day is breakingPage Scan
132Ev'ry human tie may perishPage Scan
133Come, Thou all-transforming SpiritPage Scan
134Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah!Page Scan
135Day by day the manna fellPage Scan
136Everlasting arms of LovePage Scan
137Mighty God, the First, the LastPage Scan
138Partners of a glorious hope!Page Scan
139Word of Life, most pure, most strong!Page Scan
140Wait, my heart, upon the LordPage Scan
141They who seek the throne of gracePage Scan
142Holy Bible! book divine! Page Scan
143They are slaves who will not choosePage Scan
144God made all His creatures freePage Scan
145Gracious spirit, dwell with mePage Scan
146Watchman, tell us of the nightPage Scan
147The morning light is breakingPage Scan
148God comes, with succor speedyPage Scan
149In heav'nly love abidingPage Scan
150Now is the time approachingPage Scan
151How beaut'ous on the mountainsPage Scan
152God is my strong salvationPage Scan
153A glorious day is dawningPage Scan
154I know no life dividedPage Scan
155What is thy birthright, manPage Scan
156If God is all in allPage Scan
157Onward, Christian soldiersPage Scan
158Nearer, my God, to TheePage Scan
159From out the hid'ous nightPage Scan
160Truth comes alike to allPage Scan
161Shepherd, show me how to goPage Scan
162Gird thy heav'nly armor onPage Scan
163O'er waiting harp strings of the mindPage Scan
164In Thee, oh Spirit, true and tenderPage Scan
165Abide with me: fast falls the eventidePage Scan
166Here, O my Lord, I'd see Thee face to facePage Scan
167Why is thy faith, O child of God, so small?Page Scan
168O Thou great Friend to all the sons of menPage Scan
169Lead, kindly Light, amid th'encircling gloomPage Scan
170How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord!Page Scan
171Still, still with Thee, when purple morning breakethPage Scan
172Oh, he whom Jesus loved has truly spokenPage Scan
173Be firm and be faithful; desert not the rightPage Scan
174While Thou, O my God, art my help and defenderPage Scan
175My feet shall never slidePage Scan
176I look to Thee in ev'ry needPage Scan
177Oh, be not faithless! with the mornPage Scan
178Saw ye my Saviour?Page Scan
179O'er waiting harp-strings of the mindPage Scan
180O'er waiting harp-strings of the mindPage Scan
181I'm a pilgrim, and I'm a strangerPage Scan
182I need Thee ev'ry hourPage Scan
183Shepherd, show me how to goPage Scan
184Shepherd, show me how to goPage Scan
185Abide with me: fast falls the eventidePage Scan
186In Thee, Oh spirit, true and tenderPage Scan
187Still, still with thee, when purple morning breakethPage Scan
188Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling gloomPage Scan
189Nearer, my God, to TheePage Scan
190Rouse ye soldiers of the cross! Page Scan
191God made all His creatures freePage Scan

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