Christian Science Hymnal

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d1Blest Christmas morn, though murky clouds
a1From all that dwell below the skiesPage Scan
a2I praise Thee, Lord, for blessings sentPage Scan
a3O Life that maketh all things newPage Scan
a4Press on, press on! ye sons of lightPage Scan
a5If on our daily course, our mindPage Scan
a6Kingdoms and thrones to God belongPage Scan
a7Jesus, what precept is like thinePage Scan
a8Sun of our life, Thy quick'ning rayPage Scan
a9Our God shall reign where'er the sunPage Scan
a10Father, Thou Joy of loving heartsPage Scan
a11Why search the future and the past?Page Scan
a12Lord, may Thy truth upon the heartPage Scan
a13Fight the good fight with all thy mightPage Scan
a14Had I the tongues of Greeks and JewsPage Scan
a15Upon the Gospel's sacred pagePage Scan
a16Hath not thy heart within thee burnedPage Scan
a17Oh, sometimes gleams upon our sightPage Scan
a18Abide not in the realm of dreamsPage Scan
a19When like a stranger on our spherePage Scan
a20Father, my all in all Thou artPage Scan
a21When God is seen with men to dwellPage Scan
a22The hopes Thy holy word suppliesPage Scan
a23How beauteous were the works divinePage Scan
a24Thy will, almighty Father, ThinePage Scan
a25O Lord! where'er Thy people meetPage Scan
a26O God, whose presence glows in all Page Scan
a27"Take up thy cross," the Saviour saidPage Scan
a28God is the Life, the Truth, the WayPage Scan
a29When Jesus, our great Master, camePage Scan
a30If my immortal Saviour livesPage Scan
a31The Christian warrior, see him standPage Scan
a32I cannot always trace the wayPage Scan
a33How sweetly flowed the gospel soundPage Scan
a34O Love Divine, whose constant beamPage Scan
a35One cup of healing oil and the winePage Scan
a36The lifted eye, and bended kneePage Scan
a37Be true and list the voice withinPage Scan
a38High in the heav'ns, eternal God!Page Scan
a39He that has God his guard'an madePage Scan
a40Press on! dear traveller, press on!Page Scan
a41"I am the way, the truth, the life"Page Scan
a42The Spirit breathes upon the wordPage Scan
a43Faith grasps the blessing she desiresPage Scan
a44Happy the heart where graces reignPage Scan
a45God's glory is a wond'rous thingPage Scan
a46We say to all men far and nearPage Scan
a47Joy to the world,--the Lord is comePage Scan
a48Scorn not the slightest word or deedPage Scan
a49We may not climb the heav'nly steepsPage Scan
a50Whatever dims thy sense of truthPage Scan
a51How blest are they whose hearts are purePage Scan
a52Oh! ever on our earthly pathPage Scan
a53Help us to help each other, LordPage Scan
a54Church of the ever-living GodPage Scan
a55How lovely are Thy dwellings, LordPage Scan
a56Oh, speed thee, Christian, on thy wayPage Scan
a57How sweet, how heav'nly is the sightPage Scan
a58Beneath the thick but struggling cloudPage Scan
a59Now to our loving Father, GodPage Scan
a60Speak gently, it is better farPage Scan
a61Supreme in wisdom as in pow'rPage Scan
a62Ye timid saints, fresh courage take!Page Scan
a63Walk in the light! so thou shalt knowPage Scan
a64Joy to the world, the Lord is comePage Scan
a65City of God, how broad and farPage Scan
a66Planted in Christ, the living vinePage Scan
a67O, for a faith that will not shrinkPage Scan
a68I worship Thee, sweet Will of GodPage Scan
a69To us a Child of Hope is bornPage Scan
a70Lord! I have made Thy word my choicePage Scan
a71O Love! O Life! our faith and sightPage Scan
a72We walk by faith of joys to comePage Scan
a73Our God is love; and all His saintsPage Scan
a74Come, ye that know and fear the LordPage Scan
a75Thou art the Way, to Thee alonePage Scan
a76Walk with your God, along the roadPage Scan
a77Immortal Love, forever fullPage Scan
a78I cannot walk in darkness longPage Scan
a79The God who made both heav'n and earthPage Scan
a80Bright was the guiding star that ledPage Scan
a81In atmosphere of love divinePage Scan
a82The loving friend to all who bowedPage Scan
a83O pure Reformers! not in vainPage Scan
a84Beneath the shadow of the crossPage Scan
a85One holy Church of God appearsPage Scan
a86Make channels for the streams of lovePage Scan
a87Lowly in heart to all who soughtPage Scan
a88Pray'r is the heart's sincere desirePage Scan
a89It came upon the midnight clearPage Scan
a90Oh! not alone with outward signPage Scan
a91O Lord, I would delight in TheePage Scan
a92Eternal Mind the Potter isPage Scan
a93How gentle God's commands!Page Scan
a94Our heav'n is ev'rywherePage Scan
a95O Spirit, source of lightPage Scan
a96Imposture shrinks from lightPage Scan
a97Come to the land of peacePage Scan
a98Let party names no morePage Scan
a99Thine is a living wayPage Scan

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