A Choice Selection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs: designed for the use of the pious

#TextTuneText InfoTune InfoTextScorePage ScanAudio
IMy heart and voice I raisePage Scan
IIThe Son of Man they did betrayPage Scan
IIIDark and throny is the desertPage Scan
IVLord, dismiss us with thy blessingPage Scan
VBurst ye em'rald gates and bringPage Scan
VILo! he cometh! countless trumpetsPage Scan
VII'Tis my happiness belowPage Scan
VIIIJesus! and shall it ever bePage Scan
IXCome, O thou traveller unknownPage Scan
XYield to me now, for I am weakPage Scan
XIO give me, Lord, my sins to mournPage Scan
XIIAll hail the power of Jesus' name, Let angels prostrate fallPage Scan
XIIIBacksliders, who your mis'ry feelPage Scan
XIVInspire our souls, thou heav'nly DovePage Scan
XVSee a poor sinner, dearest LordPage Scan
XVIYe careless professors, who rest on your leesPage Scan
XVIIO thou, from whom all goodness flowsPage Scan
XVIIISinner, O why so thoughtless grwon?Page Scan
XIXYe tempted and try'd, to Jesus draw nighPage Scan
XXFarewel, vain world, your charms I bid adieuPage Scan
XXI'Tis life to know the dying LambPage Scan
XXIILet us awake our joysPage Scan
XXIIISinners, behold the Lamb of GodPage Scan
XXIVGlory to God on highPage Scan
XXVAwake, my soul, in joyful laysPage Scan
XXVIKing of Salem, bless my soul!Page Scan
XXVIII've found the pearl of greatest pricePage Scan
XXVIIIJesus, since thou art still to-dayPage Scan
XXIXYe sin-sick souls, dismiss your fearsPage Scan
XXXJesus, my dreadful leprosyPage Scan
XXXIJesus, at thy commandPage Scan
XXXIII know that my Redeemer livesPage Scan
XXXIIIIn Sharon's lovely RosePage Scan
XXXIVTo thee, my Shepherd and my LordPage Scan
XXXVGreat Sun of righteousness, arisePage Scan
XXXVIJesus is all I wish or wantPage Scan
XXXVIIInquiring souls, who long to findPage Scan
XXXVIIIWisdom divine lifts up her voicePage Scan
XXXIXAt anchor laid, remote from homePage Scan
XLFor ever shall my fainting soulPage Scan
XLIO Lord, my life, my Saviour GodPage Scan
XLIIIn the floods of tribulationPage Scan
XLIIIThus Agur breath'd his warm desirePage Scan
XLIVSee, Gabriel swift descend to earthPage Scan
XLVDare we indulge our wrath and strifePage Scan
XLVIJesus I know hath died for mePage Scan
XLVIIO thou, that hear'st the pray'r of faithPage Scan
XLVIIINothing but thy blood, O JesusPage Scan
XLIXCreate, O God, my pow'rs anewPage Scan
LCome, holy Ghost, descend from highPage Scan
LISince thou art pleas'd thy saints to ownPage Scan
LIIWe now, O thou eternal GodPage Scan
LIIIBehold what matchless tender lovePage Scan
LIVBehold what condescending lovePage Scan
LVThe Saviour, with inviting voicePage Scan
LVIGreat God, now condescendPage Scan
LVIIGreat God, we in thy courts appearPage Scan
LVIIIThe holy Eunuch, when baptiz'dPage Scan
LIXLike Bartimeus we are blindPage Scan
LXEncouraged by thy wordPage Scan
LXIHow long, thou faithful God, shall IPage Scan
LXIIBeside the gospel pool Appointed for the poorPage Scan
LXIIIFather of merices, in thy wordPage Scan
LXIVPrecious Bible! what a treasurePage Scan
LXVGrace! 'tis a charming sound!Page Scan
LXVIHark! 'tis the Saviour's voice I hearPage Scan
LXVIINow in a song of grateful praisePage Scan
LXVIIIJesus, on whom the Spirit camePage Scan
LXIXTho' but a moment be our lifePage Scan
LXXThou sweet gliding Kedron, by thy silver streamPage Scan
LXXIDost thou request a feeble wormPage Scan
LXXIIPoor needy souls athirst and faintPage Scan
LXXIIIThou wilt not crush the poor and weakPage Scan
LXXIVHead of thy Church, attendPage Scan
LXXVEternal pow'r almighty God!Page Scan
LXXVIYe humble souls, procalim abroadPage Scan
LXXVIIThy goodness, Lord, our souls confessPage Scan
LXXVIIIInfinite grace! and can it bePage Scan
LXXIXHoly and rev'rend is the namePage Scan
LXXXThro' endless years thou art the samePage Scan
LXXXICome ye that know and fear the LordPage Scan
LXXXIIIn some good books one reads of a divinePage Scan
LXXXIIIHere long I shall not stayPage Scan
LXXXIVWhen gathering clouds around I viewPage Scan
LXXXVAlmighty God! I humbly kneelPage Scan
LXXXVIDepth of mercy! can there bePage Scan
LXXXVIIHearts of stone, relent, relentPage Scan
LXXXVIIIExpiring in the sinner's placePage Scan
LXXXIXHow long, thou faithful God, shall IPage Scan
LXLAnd shall I let him go?Page Scan
LXLIFather, see the victim slainPage Scan
LXLIIFather, if thou willing bePage Scan
XLXIIIGo, my beloved husband, goPage Scan
XCIV[XLIV]Brighter than the solar rayPage Scan
LXLVSay, would an heir that's travelling hencePage Scan
LXLVIVarious as is man's lot on earthPage Scan
LXLVIIThat I may youthful follies fleePage Scan
LXLVIIIKindred, and friends, and native landPage Scan
LXLIXChildren and friends and brothers dearPage Scan
CLet the etereal skies resoundPage Scan

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