A Collection of Spiritual Hymns: adapted to the Various Kinds of Christian Worship, and especially designed for the use of the Brethren in Christ. 2nd ed.

Editor: Abraham M. Engle, Samuel Zook, Jacob M. Engle
Publisher: Inquirer Printing and Publishing Co., Lancaster, Penn., 1876
Denomination: Brethren in Christ Church
Language: English
Notes: This hymnal is missing a number of pages, and therefore some hymns are missing. It also has duplicates of other pages.
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406Brethren, while we sojourn herePage Scan
407Christian soldiers, wake to gloryPage Scan
408The way of life in Christ doth [does] leadPage Scan
409And must this body diePage Scan
410Friend after friend departsPage Scan
411We've no abiding city herePage Scan
412Go to thy rest, my [dear] [fair] childPage Scan
413So fades the lovely, blooming flower [flowers]Page Scan
414How blest the righteous when he diesPage Scan
415Far from the [these] narrow [gloomy] scenes of night [life]Page Scan
416Hear what the voice from heaven proclaimsPage Scan
417Why should we start and fear to diePage Scan
418Thy life I read, my dearest [blessed] [gracious)],LordPage Scan
419From his low bed of mortal dustPage Scan
420How sweet the hour of closing dayPage Scan
421Wake up [my] muse, condole the lossPage Scan
422Pastor, thou art from us takenPage Scan
423Ye mourning saints [friends] [ ones], whose streaming tearsPage Scan
424Farewell, blessed [bright] soul, a short farewellPage Scan
425Go to the grave in all thy glorious primePage Scan
426Yes, she is gone, yet do not thouPage Scan
427In this lone hour of deep distressPage Scan
428Hark, from the tomb [tombs] a doleful [warning] [mournful] soundPage Scan
429The time is short, the season nearsPage Scan
430Sister, thou wast [wert] mild and lovelyPage Scan
431Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleepPage Scan
432Why should our tears in sorrow flowPage Scan
433When blooming youth is [are] snatched [called] awayPage Scan
434Why do we [ye] [you] mourn departing [departed] [for dying] friendsPage Scan
435Teach me the measure of my daysPage Scan
436And am I born to diePage Scan
437There is a house not made with [by] hands, EternalPage Scan
438My mother died, and is no morePage Scan
439Happy soul, thy days are ended [ending]Page Scan
440Thee we adore, eternal name, And humblyPage Scan
441An early summons Jesus sendsPage Scan
442The bosom where I oft have lainPage Scan
443My soul, come, meditate the day, And thinkPage Scan
444O where shall rest be foundPage Scan
445'Tis finished, the conflict is pastPage Scan
446With what a fixed [fixt] and peaceful mindPage Scan
447How short the race our friend has runPage Scan
448I looked upon the righteous manPage Scan
449My youthful mates, both small and greatPage Scan
450Great God, I own thy sentence justPage Scan
451When the last trumpet's awful voicePage Scan
452The time draws nigh when from the clouds Christ shall with shouts descendPage Scan
453The last lovely morning, all blooming and fairPage Scan
454O time, how few thy value weighPage Scan
455Time is winging us awayPage Scan
456My days, my [and] weeks, my [and] months, my [and] yearsPage Scan
457How vain are all things here belowPage Scan
458How swiftly the torrent rollsPage Scan
459At every motion of our breathPage Scan
460Tomorrow, Lord, is thinePage Scan
461Lo on a narrow neck of landPage Scan
462Let others boast how strong they be [are]Page Scan
463We are not here for earth, no, noPage Scan
464Eternity is just at handPage Scan
465"The time is short," the season nearPage Scan
466And let this feeble body failPage Scan
467Swift the moments fly awayPage Scan
468Lo he comes with clouds descendingPage Scan
469This is the field, the world below, In which the sowerPage Scan
470That awful day will surely comePage Scan
471Behold that great and awful dayPage Scan
472Day of judgment, day of wondersPage Scan
473See, the eternal Judge descendingPage Scan
474And must I be to judgment broughtPage Scan
475O [When] thou my righteous Judge shall [shalt] comePage Scan
476Hell, 'tis a word of dreadful soundPage Scan
477Far from the utmost verge of dayPage Scan
478Sinner, can you slight the SaviorPage Scan
479In what confusion earth appearsPage Scan
480I would not live alway [always], I ask not to stayPage Scan
481Forever with the Lord [our God], amen, so let it bePage Scan
482We speak of the realms of the blestPage Scan
483What if our bark, o'er life's rough wavePage Scan
484A few more years shall rollPage Scan
485When we pass through yonder riverPage Scan
486Give me the wings of faith to risePage Scan
487An alien from God, and a stranger to gracePage Scan
488My heavenly home is bright and fairPage Scan
489The happy shore, on Eden's plainsPage Scan
490O what a lonely path were ours Could wePage Scan
491Ye weary heavy laden soulsPage Scan
492My days are gliding swiftly byPage Scan
493O happy saints, that dwell in lightPage Scan
494There is a land of pure delight, Where saints immortal reignPage Scan
495On Jordan's stormy [rugged] banks I stand, And cast a wishful eyePage Scan
496Lord, I believe a rest remainsPage Scan
497Jerusalem, my happy home, O how I long for theePage Scan
498There is an hour of hallowed peacePage Scan
499O yes, there is a happier shorePage Scan
500Who are these [those] arrayed in whitePage Scan
501There is a heaven o'er yonder skiesPage Scan
502Lord, when together here we meetPage Scan
503My dearest friends in bonds of lovePage Scan
504Now brethren, to your homes repairPage Scan
505Jesus grant us all a blessingPage Scan

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