The Cluster of Spiritual Songs, Divine Hymns and Sacred Poems: being chiefly a collection (3rd ed. rev.)

Editor: Jesse Mercer
Publisher: William W. Woodward (Printer), Philadelphia, 1823
Language: English
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INow may the Lord reveal his facePage Scan
IIIn songs of sublime adoration and praisePage Scan
IIIWere oceans, rivers, floods, and lakesPage Scan
IVTransporting news, the Savior's comePage Scan
VLegion was my name, by naturePage Scan
VIWhen the wounded spirit hearsPage Scan
VIIThy mercy, my God, is the theme of my songPage Scan
VIIIGreat God of wonders all thy waysPage Scan
IXO my Lord, what must I do? Only thou the way canst showPage Scan
XThee will I love, my Strength [Lord] [Shield], [my] [and] TowerPage Scan
XILet the world their virtue [beauties] boastPage Scan
XIIYe children of God, by faith in his SonPage Scan
XIIII'll praise my Maker with my [while I've] [whilst I've] breathPage Scan
XIVCome, all ye chosen saints of God that long to feel the clePage Scan
XVNow have I found the ground whereinPage Scan
XVIOn the brink of fi'ry ruinPage Scan
XVIIIndulgent God, how kindPage Scan
XVIIINow for a hymn of praise to GodPage Scan
XIXSovereign grace o'er sin aboundingPage Scan
XXHail, my ever blessed JesusPage Scan
XXIThy way, O God [Lord] is in the seaPage Scan
XXIIMy God the covenant of thy love abides forever surePage Scan
XXIIIAmazing grace, how sweet the sound, That savedPage Scan
XXIVThe Lord descending from abovePage Scan
XXVLord, thou hast won, at length I yieldPage Scan
XXVIFar beyond all comprehensionPage Scan
XXVIIAloud we sing the wondrous gracePage Scan
XXVIIILove divine how sweet the soundPage Scan
XXIXSovereign grace has [hath] power alonePage Scan
XXXWhile here on earth I'm called to stayPage Scan
XXXIHail, mighty Jesus, how divinePage Scan
XXXIILord, we adore thy matchless waysPage Scan
XXXIIIA sight of Jesus with his eyesPage Scan
XXXIVJehovah's grace, how full, how freePage Scan
XXXVThe finest flower that ever blowedPage Scan
XXXVIAwake, my soul, in [to] joyful [joyous] laysPage Scan
XXXVIIAs on the cross the Savior hungPage Scan
XXXVIIISelf righteous souls on works relyPage Scan
XXXIX'Tis not the natural birth of manPage Scan
XLThe blessed Spirit, like the windPage Scan
XLIEternal Spirit, we confessPage Scan
XLIIInfinite grace, and can it bePage Scan
XLIIIDiffuse thy beams and teach my heartPage Scan
XLIVExpand, my soul, arise and singPage Scan
XLVElection, 'tis a joyful soundPage Scan
XLVIThere is a period known to GodPage Scan
XLVIIHow vast the benefits divine, which wePage Scan
XLVIIICome dearest Lord, who reigns [reignest] abovePage Scan
XLIXGrace, 'tis a charming [cheering] [joyful] [pleasing] soundPage Scan
LGreat God of providence, thy waysPage Scan
LIIn vain Apollo's silver tonguePage Scan
LIITo keep the lamp alive with oil we fill the bowlPage Scan
LIIIWhat makes mistaken men afraidPage Scan
LIVLong ere the sun began his daysPage Scan
LVWhen first the God of boundless gracePage Scan
LVIThe soul that's truly born of GodPage Scan
LVIIAs near to Calvary I passPage Scan
LVIIIIsr'l in ancient daysPage Scan
LIXJesus drinks the bitter cupPage Scan
LXI'm tired with [of] visits, modes and formsPage Scan
LXIFrom whence this fear and unbeliefPage Scan
LXIIMany woes had Christ enduredPage Scan
LXIIIMy Lord, my Savior diedPage Scan
LXIVThe fountain of Christ, Lord help us to singPage Scan
LXVHark, the voice of love and mercyPage Scan
LXVIVain, delusive world, adieuPage Scan
LXVIIO God of all grace, thy goodness we praisePage Scan
LXVIIIThe Son of Man they did betrayPage Scan
LXIXCome all ye skilful souls in weepingPage Scan
LXXA story most lovely I'll tellPage Scan
LXXIGreat High Priest, we view thee stoopingPage Scan
LXXIIThe table spread my soul there spiesPage Scan
LXXIIIEarth has engrossed my love too longPage Scan
LXXIVSweet the moments, rich in blessingPage Scan
LXXVWhen the chosen tribes debatedPage Scan
LXXVIIs this my Jesus, this my GodPage Scan
LXXVIII sing my Savior's wondrous deathPage Scan
LXXVIIILord, how divine Thy comforts arePage Scan
LXXIXBehold the Savior of mankindPage Scan
LXXXHigh on a throne my Lord doth sitPage Scan
LXXXIUp, haste to Calvary, my soulPage Scan
LXXXIITo him who on the fatal treePage Scan
LXXXIIIGreat God, we now surround thy boardPage Scan
LXXXIVThe blest memorials of thy griefPage Scan
LXXXV'Twas on that [a] dark, that [and] doleful [awful] [dreary] night [day]Page Scan
LXXXVIJesus for us with nails was tornPage Scan
LXXXVIIHow condescending, and how kindPage Scan
LXXXVIIIHow sweet and awful [holy] [sacred] is the placePage Scan
LXXXIXAt thy command, our dearest LordPage Scan
XCSitting around our Father's [the Savior's] boardPage Scan
XCIThis is the feast of heavenly winePage Scan
XCIIO if my soul was [were] formed for woePage Scan
XCIIILet all our tongues be onePage Scan
XCIVBehold the love, the generous lovePage Scan
XCVThou dear Redeemer, dying LambPage Scan
XCVIWarm was his heart, his faith was strongPage Scan
XCVIISee, on the mount of CalvaryPage Scan
XCVIIIBehold the blind their sight receivePage Scan
XCIXThou, who for sinners once was [wast] slainPage Scan
CBehold the gift of God, Sinner [sinners] adore his namePage Scan

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