Cosmic Chants: Words and Music of Sixty Spiritualized Songs

Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
Publisher: Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, California, 1974
Denomination: Self-Realization Fellowship
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3Om Christ, Om Christ, Om Christ, Om
4O life is sweet and death a dream
5O life is sweet, and death a dream
6Engrossed is the bee of my mind on the blue lotus feet of my Divine Mother
7Cloud-colored Christ, come!
8Do not dry the ocean of my love
9I have made Thee Polestar of my life
10In this world, Mother, no one can love me
12O God beautiful, O God beautiful
14Wink has not touched my eyes
15Come, listen to my soul song
16Change my darkness to Thy light, Lord!
17O Thou King of the Infinite!
18But I'll wait to see You
19O devotee, I can give thee salvation
20With out meditation, mind, hither
21I am the sky, Mother
22Why, O mind, wanderest thou?
23Door of my heart, open wide I keep for Thee
24Thou art my life, Thou art my love
25Thou art my life, Thou art my love
26Om, Om, Om. Om
27No birth, no death, no caste have I
28I will be a gypsy
29Listen, listen, listen to my heart's song
30Receive me on Thy lap, O Mother!
31Night has flown, dawn has come
33Radha, Radha, Radha Govinda, jai!
34My Lord, I will be Thine always
36O My saint, wake, yet wake!
37Who tells me Thou art dark
38They have heard Thy Name
40In the temple of silence
42Om Kali, Om Kali
43Mother, I give You my soul-, soul-, soul-call
44Brahmānandam parama sukhadam (Full of bliss, giving joy, transcendent)
45So do Thou my Lord:
46Think ye in thy heart, lotus feet of thy Guru
48I will sing Thy Name
49Today my mind has dived deep in Thee
51My Krishna is blue, The tamal tree is blue
52From this sleep, Lord, will You wake, wake me?
53Who is in my temple?
54Desire, my great enemy, with his soldiers surrounded me
56If thou wilt see opal flame
58Jai, Guru, jai, Guru, jai, Guru, jai!
60aRoses to the left, roses to the right
60bHe who knows, he knows.
62Shanti mondire, shanti kutire
63Listen to my soul song, listen to my heart song!
64My life is for the Lord, for the Lord
66Whence Om, this soundless roar, doth come
68Will that day come to me, Ma?
69Joy, joy, joy, joy, ever new joy, joy!
70In the land beyond my dreams
72Hay Hari sundara, hay Hari sundara!
74O my mind! learn thou self-control
75O thou blue sky, under blue cover hast thou hidden
76I am Om, I am Om
78None can atone me, say who would injure me?
82Take the dust of each one's feet
83Whence do they come here?
84In sabikalpa samadhi yoga, you will drown yourself in your Self
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