Divine Hymns on the Sufferings of Christ

Editor: Solomon Howe
Published: 1805
Place of Publication: Greenwich, Mass.
Language: English
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d1As bread restores our wasted strength
d2As fading flowers on withering grass
d3As gentle springs ascend and flow
d4As manna by a pleasing taste
d5As water cools the thirsty breast
d6As wine recruits the languid breast
d7Behold the man, the Prince of Peace
d8Behold the solemn scene
d9Behold, what noble sacrifice
d10Blest scenes of bright immortal joy
d11Celestial King, thy grace becomes
d12Eternal Prince of life and peace
d13Free as the cool and living spring
d14From Christ, the voice of pardon sounds
d15From heaven the kind Redeemer came
d16From Jesse's Root a Branch shall grow
d17God's only Son came down and bled
d18Great Advocate on high
d19Great Savior of the human race
d20How fair the Savior's samples shine
d21How sweetly the Gospel conveys
d22How was my Savior once distressed
d23Important hour, when Jesus bled
d24Jesus came down for man's relief
d25Jesus, confined at Pilate's bar
d26Jesus consoles his patient saints
d27Jesus declared his boundless love
d28Jesus foresaw our wretched race
d29Jesus, from the bright realm above
d30Jesus, in tender pity calls
d31Jesus, in tenderest pity came
d32Jesus, my Prince, assume thy right
d33Jesus, my soul's important light
d34Jesus the great messiah, stands
d35Jesus, the true and fertile vine
d36Jesus, thy love to sinful men
d37Jesus, thy promise cheers our souls
d38Kind Savior, when I view thy grace
d39Let each believer's humble soul
d40Let friendship, peace and reason guide
d41Let those, who suffer pain and shame
d42Let those, who taste the sacred bread
d43Long had the gospel's gentle rays
d44Love, the true spring of social joy
d45My anxious heart no more pursues
d46My God, to thee, with fervent cries
d47Parental care, the tenderest love
d48Peace, justice and compassion form
d49Reason demands our ardent love
d50Reason demands our constant love
d51Redemption, O the rapturous news
d52Redemption, that important theme
d53Since Christ the Savior came
d54Stupendous power and boundless grace
d55Surprising thought, that Christ the great
d56Tenderest calls of boundless mercy
d57The ancient offered sweetest spice
d58The blest example Jesus gave
d59The blest memorials Jesus gave
d60The blest Redeemer, waiting stands
d61The blest Redeemer's generous voice
d62The blest Redeemer's life commands
d63The fruitage vine, with verdure springs
d64The gospel's generous voice
d65The gospel's sweet and friendly voice
d66The gospel's sweet, melodious voice
d67The great Mediator lives and reigns
d68The joys which gospel truths convey
d69The law of Christ, replete with love
d70The plan of our almighty God
d71The saints who trust Messiah's name
d72The soul who leaves his sinful ways
d73The souls who love the gospel sound
d74The voice of love supreme in worth
d75The wonders of unbounded love
d76The Words of Christ demand our love
d77Thy promises, great Prince of peace
d78'Tis best that Christ should dwell above
d79'Tis best to do my Savior's will
d80To Christ, let grateful anthems rise
d81To entertain the noblest guest
d82To my Almighty Savior's hand
d83What ample joys are now prepared
d84What ancient hero can compare
d85What bitter groans, what ardent cries
d86What condescension was exprest [expressed]
d87What heavenly music charms my ear
d88What noble food has Christ prepared
d89What noble joys by sin are lost
d90What noble joys the gospel brings
d91What noble sings of boundless love
d92What rapturous sounds salute my ear
d93What social pleasures are derived
d94What wondrous person now appears
d95What worth divine, of life and peace
d96When Christ had wept away his tears
d97When I hear the dying accents
d98When I survey the prince of grace
d99When Jesus hung on Calvary's mount
d100When Jesus ransomed sinful men

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