Easter Hymns

Editor: J. E. C. Chapman
Publisher: Lockwood, Brooks, and Company, Boston, 1876
Language: English
Notes: The hymns are categorized by page number, not hymn number.
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11Most glorious Lord of Life that on this day didst makePage Scan
12Death and darkness, get you packing
13Who from the fiery furnace saved the three
15Sleep, sleep, old sun, thou canst not have repast
17Up and away, Thy Savior's gone before
19The setting orb of night her level ray
21Awake, thou wintry earth
23What glories light, how bright a sun
25Rise, heir of fresh eternity
27Thou, whose sad heart and weeping head
28At the Lamb's high feast we sing
30Jesus Christ is risen today, Our triumphant
31Christ, the Lord is risen again
33Hallelujah, hallelujah, finished is the battle now
35Come, ye [you] faithful, raise the strain
37Purge we out the ancient leaven
41Rise, heart, thy Lord is risen
43Lord, who createdst man in wealth and store
45O sons and daughters, let us sing
47Light's glittering morn bedecks the sky Heaven thunders
50In the bonds of death he lay
53The day of resurrection! Earth tell it out abroad
55O glorious Head, Thou livest now
57Hail, day of days, in peals of praise
59Still thy sorrow, Magdalena
61Christ, the Lord is risen today
63Blest morning, whose young, dawning rays
65O risen Lord, O conquering King! O Life of all that live
68Christ the [our] Lord is [has] risen today, [Alleluia] [Sons of men]
71Welcome, thou Victor in the strife
73Sun, shine forth in all thy splendor
77The Lord is risen indeed; Then hell has lost its prey
78Jesus lives, no longer now
80Yes, the Redeemer rose [lives]; The Savior left the dead
82A pathway opens from the tomb
84As spring's sweet breath after long wintry snows
86Again the Lord of life and light
87Come, ye saints, look here [behold] [draw nigh], and wonder
88Do saints keep holy day in heavenly places Does the
90Morning breaks upon the tomb
91I say to all men, far and near
93Mary to her [the] Savior's tomb
95O, day of days shall hearts set free No Ɠminstrel raptureƶ find
99Angel [Angels], roll the rock [stone] away
101Lift your glad voices in triumph on high
102Come see the place where Jesus lay, And hear the angelic
104He is risen, he is risen, tell it
105The strife is o'er the battle done
107How shall we keep this holy day of gladness
109Our Lord is risen today
113Christ hath arisen! joy to our buried Head
116Unchanged through all the changing years
118The Lord of life is risen, Sing Easter heralds
121Let the merry church bells ring
123Sweetly are the birds singing
125The world itself keeps Easter day
127Alleluia, alleluia, hearts to heaven and voices raise
129This is the feast day of our King
131Days grow longer, sunbeams stronger
133Christ is risen, Christ is risen, O let the joyful sounds
135Hark, the angels bright are singing
137Christ hath [has] arisen, death is no more
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