Echo to Happy Voices

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1Hallelujah! hallelujah! Finished is the battle nowPage Scan
2Hark! the angels' harps are sounding!Page Scan
3Hosanna to the Son of David!Page Scan
4Tell me the old, old story Of unseen things abovePage Scan
5Come hither, all ye weary soulsPage Scan
6Come, children, let us sing, as we daily onward pressPage Scan
7Jesus, we praise thee in our songsPage Scan
8I love to sing of that great PowerPage Scan
9Oh, day of rest and gladness!Page Scan
10Thank God for pleasant weatherPage Scan
11Salvation! salvation! there's joy in the soundPage Scan
12Life's rosy morn her golden lightPage Scan
13O Lord, I hail thy sacred dayPage Scan
14Hark, 'tis the trumpet of liberty soundingPage Scan
15Again returns the day of holy restPage Scan
16The spacious firmament on highPage Scan
17O holy, holy Father!Page Scan
18Oh, who'll be a soldier and battle with sinPage Scan
19Peace, peace, I leave with youPage Scan
20Hail, happy day! 'tis a day of salvationPage Scan
21Children, hark! the bells are ringingPage Scan
22We are soldiers, one and allPage Scan
23Glory to the Father give--God in whom we move and livePage Scan
24Sing, children, sing when the cross you bearPage Scan
25Oh, dry the falling tearPage Scan
26How happy is the child who walksPage Scan
27When chasing the phantoms of earth that misguide usPage Scan
28There's room for the children in the Saviour's foldPage Scan
29Early saved from sin and wrathPage Scan
30Come to the Saviour, ye youthful soulsPage Scan
31Youthful sinner, thoughtless walkingPage Scan
32When saints gather round thee, dear Saviour, abovePage Scan
33My Saviour stands waiting, and knocks at the doorPage Scan
34Haste to the mountain, linger no morePage Scan
35Youthful wand'rer, come awayPage Scan
36Poor captive to sin, and by Satan controlledPage Scan
37I have read of the Saviour's lovePage Scan
38Have you heard the good tidings, dear children?Page Scan
39Jesus, high in gloryPage Scan
40The fathers and mothers soon will enter into restPage Scan
41Oh, tell me, ye strangers, I prayPage Scan
42There is a name I love to hearPage Scan
43Children can you tell me why Page Scan
44When thou wert on earth, dear JesusPage Scan
45Jesus, I, a little childPage Scan
46Oh, tell us of that world of lightPage Scan
47If I would be an angelPage Scan
48I want to join the ransomedPage Scan
49Sweet, sweet, sweet the swellPage Scan
50What if a little ray of lightPage Scan
51A little word in kindness saidPage Scan
52And is it true as I am toldPage Scan
53I'd rather be a child of GodPage Scan
54Jesus, be near mePage Scan
55A stranger here I roamPage Scan
56From the mountains drear and coldPage Scan
57Oh, happy day, when grace divinePage Scan
58Ere its full blessedness dawns on my sightPage Scan
59Dear Jesus, my Shepherd, I would in thy foldPage Scan
60Saviour, teach me, day by day, Love's sweet lesson to obeyPage Scan
61Oh, hark, to the call as it comes from the vineyardPage Scan
62Is the way to glory dark?Page Scan
63I will walk in the roadPage Scan
64I have a Friend in my home abovePage Scan
65They tell us the pathway to heaven Page Scan
66If I should walk a flowery pathPage Scan
67I'll wander no more, but return to the foldPage Scan
68Jesus only! when the morningPage Scan
69I read of a land over JordanPage Scan
70Hail, happy day! thou day of holy rest!Page Scan
71Come join the conflict of right and wrongPage Scan
72Reapers, reapers, hastePage Scan
73O Jesus, light of all belowPage Scan
74When shall the shout arisePage Scan
75Sound the battle cry!Page Scan
76March on! march on! nor ever tirePage Scan
77We're soldiers and we're marching onPage Scan
78Courage, fellow pilgrimPage Scan
79All night long, till break of dayPage Scan
80What can I give to JesusPage Scan
81Hark! 'tis the watchman's cryPage Scan
82We are going, going, goingPage Scan
83Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
84Oh, there is an hour, when with tender emotionPage Scan
85Children, 'tis a little thingPage Scan
86Oh, wondrous story of the Lord!Page Scan
87Heralds of the mighty gospelPage Scan
88Hark! the sound of angel voicesPage Scan
89Hark! the voice of Jesus cryingPage Scan
90Strong in the Lord and the power of his mightPage Scan
91Jesus, Shepherd, ere the youngPage Scan
92Yes, for me, for me he carethPage Scan
93Are we sowing seeds of kindness?Page Scan
94Singing for Jesus, and working for JesusPage Scan
95For thee we long and prayPage Scan
96It came upon the midnight clearPage Scan
97I hear a voice, 'tis soft and sweetPage Scan
98Ringing, sweetly ringingPage Scan
99Welcome, welcome, dear RedeemerPage Scan
100Gently, Lord, oh, gently lead usPage Scan

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