Evangelical Lutheran Hymnal. 9th ed.

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a252By grace I'm saved--grace free and boundless!TextPage Scan
a253Not all the blood of beastsTextPage Scan
a254Lamb of God, we fall before TheeTextPage Scan
a255Rock of Ages, cleft for me!TextPage Scan
a256'Tis not by works of righteousnessTextPage Scan
a257Blest is the man, forever blestTextPage Scan
a258Jesus, Thy blood and righteousnessTextPage Scan
a259My hope is built on nothing lessTextPage Scan
a260Christ's crimson blood and rightedousnessTextPage Scan
a261Grant us, Lord! due preparationTextPage Scan
a262In love still faithful to the endTextPage Scan
a263Before to His sad death He went TextPage Scan
a264Lord Jesus Christ! To Thee we prayTextPage Scan
a265Lord Jesus, Thou art truly good!TextPage Scan
a266Our Shepherd to His ransomed flockTextPage Scan
a267An awful mystery is hereTextPage Scan
a268Come, humble soul, receive the foodTextPage Scan
a269Deck thyself, my soul, with gladnessTextPage Scan
a270Thy Table I approachTextPage Scan
a271Full of rev'rence at Thy WordTextPage Scan
a272Lo, upon the altar liesTextPage Scan
a273May God be praised henceforth and blest forever!TextPage Scan
a274Invited, Lord, by boundless graceTextPage Scan
a275O Thou Essential Word TextPage Scan
a276Thou art the way; to Thee aloneTextPage Scan
a277O Thou of God, the FatherTextPage Scan
a278O morning Star! how fair and brightTextPage Scan
a279Jesus! Savior! come to meTextPage Scan
a280Jesus, priceless TreasureTextPage Scan
a281Who is, Jesus blestTextPage Scan
a282Jesus, Jesus, Jesus onlyTextPage Scan
a283Bridegroom, Thou art mineTextPage Scan
a284Jesus! the very thought of TheeTextPage Scan
a285Jesus, Thou art mine foreverTextPage Scan
a286Lord, Thine image Thou hast lent meTextPage Scan
a287Chief of sinners though I beTextPage Scan
a288I know whom I believe inTextPage Scan
a289Jesus! and shall it ever beTextPage Scan
a290Jesus, Lover of my soulTextPage Scan
a291God of ages, great and mighty!TextPage Scan
a292Again the Lord of life and lightTextPage Scan
a293God, who madest earth and heavenTextPage Scan
a294My heart, with deep emotionTextPage Scan
a295O holy, blessed TrinityTextPage Scan
a296While yet the morn is breakingTextPage Scan
a297To Thee, O Lord, with dawning lightTextPage Scan
a298Jesus, Sun of RighteousnessTextPage Scan
a299When, streaming from the eastern skiesTextPage Scan
a300Lord of my life! O may Thy praiseTextPage Scan
a301Awake, my soul! and with the sunTextPage Scan
a302Now that the star of day hath risenTextPage Scan
a303Now the shades of night are goneTextPage Scan
a304Soon as the morn with rosesTextPage Scan
a305When the sun, all goldenTextPage Scan
a306Another day has passed awayTextPage Scan
a307When, O dear Jesus, when shall ITextPage Scan
a308How oft the day of God returnsTextPage Scan
a309The happy sunshine all now is goneTextPage Scan
a310Now all the woods are sleepingTextPage Scan
a311Since now the day hath reached its closeTextPage Scan
a312Sink not yet, my soul, to slumberTextPage Scan
a313Jesus Christ, the stars of nightTextPage Scan
a314Sun of my soul, Thou Savior dearTextPage Scan
a315And now the sun hath sunk to restTextPage Scan
a316Glory to Thee, my God, this nightTextPage Scan
a317The day is past and goneTextPage Scan
a318Through the day Thy love hath spared usTextPage Scan
a319Savior! breathe an evening blessingTextPage Scan
a320Peace be to this habitationTextPage Scan
a321Thus far the Lord has led me onTextPage Scan
a322The silent moon is risenTextPage Scan
a323Now say good night! O Father beTextPage Scan
a324Weary now I go to restTextPage Scan
a325Come, O Creator, Spirit blest!TextPage Scan
a326All things hang on our possessingTextPage Scan
a327Give me, O Lord, a spirit lowlyTextPage Scan
a328O Lord, who hast my place assignedTextPage Scan
a329Launch out into the deepTextPage Scan
a330O God, Thou faithful GodTextPage Scan
a331O God of Jacob, by whose handTextPage Scan
a332In God's name let us on our way!TextPage Scan
a333Of Zion's honor angels sing!TextPage Scan
a334Father! be Thy blessing shedTextPage Scan
a335How beauteous are their feetTextPage Scan
a336Ye Christian heralds, go proclaimTextPage Scan
a337O pour Thy Spirit from on high!TextPage Scan
a338Lord, cause Thy face on us to shineTextPage Scan
a339O Jesus Christ, how bright and fairTextPage Scan
a340O Triune God, thy blessing greatTextPage Scan
a341At Cana, Lord, Thou didst appearTextPage Scan
a342To Thee, our fathers' God, we bow!TextPage Scan
a343A holy state is wedded lifeTextPage Scan
a344O blest the house, whate'er befallTextPage Scan
a345Savior! who Thy flock art feedingTextPage Scan
a346Thou, who a tender Parent artTextPage Scan
a347A little child, the Savior cameTextPage Scan
a348Shepherd of tender youthTextPage Scan
a349Seeing I am Jesus' lambTextPage Scan
a350Jesus, Master, whose I amTextPage Scan
a351Jesus, when a little childTextPage Scan

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