Evangelical Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs: selected from various authors; and published by a Committee of the Convention of the churches, believing in the restitution of all men...

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1All fulness in the lamb we viewPage Scan
2Dear Lamb! thy humbled state we singPage Scan
3Jesus, the grace reveal'dPage Scan
4Let Heav'n and earth united singPage Scan
5O Love! what a secret to mortals thou art!Page Scan
6See, O my soul, with wonder seePage Scan
7Shew me the reason, O my GodPage Scan
8The victory's wonPage Scan
9Thy gospel, dear lambPage Scan
10With solemn shout we sing thy praisePage Scan
11When God our Father's pleas'dPage Scan
12What beauties divine In Jesus do shine!Page Scan
13Here shall no trouble or dismayPage Scan
14The father's holy eyePage Scan
15Jesus, thy beauties I explore!Page Scan
16When I behold my bleeding GodPage Scan
17By grace we know, to us it's clearPage Scan
18Most precious, in our Saviour's sightPage Scan
19Our glorious Lord is ris'n indeed !Page Scan
20O Christ! O love divine!Page Scan
21Whilst we are marching thro'Page Scan
22When elements and time will fadePage Scan
23Christ our head's gone up on highPage Scan
24How charmingly sounds The word of the Lord!Page Scan
25What blessings in the Lamb abound!Page Scan
26Could I of all perfection boastPage Scan
27How pow'rful is the glorious word!Page Scan
28Bless'd are the eyes that seePage Scan
29Sing the triumphs of your conq'ringPage Scan
30My song shall be of him who dy'dPage Scan
31Dear Shepherd, see thy flock here metPage Scan
32My Saviour for me bledPage Scan
33Let us our hearts and voices raisePage Scan
34'Tis not of him that weeps and praysPage Scan
35When first I knew my Lord, my GodPage Scan
36How rich the love! my Lord, my God?Page Scan
37Truest lover of thy peoplePage Scan
38Come ye lovers of the LambPage Scan
39Come, though we can truly singPage Scan
40When God would prove his lovePage Scan
41Father behold us herePage Scan
42My God, since I can call thee minePage Scan
43Hark! 'tis the Saviour of mankindPage Scan
44God, in pronouncing of the cursePage Scan
45Behold to what a vast extensePage Scan
46High on a throne, forever crown'dPage Scan
47The Spirit of the mighty LordPage Scan
48Shall mortal tongues be dumbPage Scan
49"I am the bread of life," he saidPage Scan
50The Son for us was boundPage Scan
51Christ is the corner and the headPage Scan
52The only cure for slavish griefPage Scan
53Arise and laud the reigning lambPage Scan
54O shall we pine awayPage Scan
55Bold is the man, who dares to cursePage Scan
56Christ and his Church so closely joinPage Scan
57Faith is a grace of God, design'dPage Scan
58Not unto wrath did God ordainPage Scan
59Did not salvation stand by gracePage Scan
60Nations, unite your songsPage Scan
61To you that make a shameful brawlPage Scan
62Oh! shall we treat the Saviour thus?Page Scan
63How can a man, bound fast in chainsPage Scan
64See the proud Pharisees conspirePage Scan
65God is a spirit, just and wisePage Scan
66How beautiful those, With feet and with shoesPage Scan
67As well the sons of Adam mayPage Scan
68The God that walks the starry hillsPage Scan
69While in your blooming daysPage Scan
70If there was not a Christ for mePage Scan
71Arise my soul, sing and proclaimPage Scan
72Good works that have their proper placePage Scan
73Alas! why should I bePage Scan
74If he a type of Christ was madePage Scan
75Had not a man been born againPage Scan
76Thus faith the first elect of GodPage Scan
77How wholesome are the streams that rollPage Scan
78Awake now ev'ry drowsy mindPage Scan
79Did our Immanuel die for usPage Scan
80While shepherd watch'd their flocks by nightPage Scan
81How sweet the name of Jesus soundsPage Scan
82Behold! the bright morning appearsPage Scan
83Rejoice, the Lord is kingPage Scan
84Can we behold without amazePage Scan
85Come, thou almighty kingPage Scan
86Ye nations hear, 'tis Heav'n doth callPage Scan
87He dies! the friend of sinners dies!Page Scan
88O All loving LambPage Scan
89What heav'nly Man, or lovely GodPage Scan
90Come heavn'ly love, inspire my songPage Scan
91Let party names no morePage Scan
92"'Tis finished" the Redeemer saidPage Scan
93Christ the Lord is ris'n todayPage Scan
94Now we are met from diff'rent partsPage Scan
95Dear Lord! we now must partPage Scan
96The long expected SonPage Scan
97Dear Jesus wilt thou with us meetPage Scan
98We eat, dear Lord, the broken breadPage Scan
99Why should we fear, to meet the tomb?Page Scan
100Adam the first, contain'd in onePage Scan

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