Every Sabbath: a new collection of music adapted to the wants and capacities of Sunday-schools, the home circle and devotional gatherings

Editor: T. C. O'Kane
Publisher: John Church, Cincinnati, 1874
Language: English
Notes: Numbers refer to the page number the hymn starts on. When more than one hymn is on a page, letters are added to the numbers
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3Praise to thee, our great CreatorPage Scan
4With joy we hail the sacred dayPage Scan
5Come let our happy voices joinPage Scan
6No book is like the BiblePage Scan
7Savior I follow onPage Scan
8aIn his vineyard, Christ, the LordPage Scan
8bThere's a book which surpasses the sagesPage Scan
10Oh, the Sabbath morning, beautiful and brightPage Scan
11Nothing but leaves, the spirit grievesPage Scan
12In the cross of Christ I gloryPage Scan
13Teachers! while the harvest lastsPage Scan
14What means this eager, anxious throngPage Scan
15Our varied days pass on and onPage Scan
16Look to the Cross, look to the CrossPage Scan
17Let us work for the school with our hearts and our handsPage Scan
18There's not a bright and beaming smilePage Scan
19In that world of glory brightPage Scan
20There is never a day so sunnyPage Scan
21"Till he come," oh, let the wordsPage Scan
22I am told that Jesus loves mePage Scan
23Ah, tell me not of gold or treasurePage Scan
24Hark! there is a blessed callPage Scan
25In the vineyard of our FatherPage Scan
26Star of the morningPage Scan
27We all might do goodPage Scan
28The Bible! the Bible! more precious than goldPage Scan
29We are many, we are onePage Scan
30We'll journey together to ZionPage Scan
32Brother, you may work for JesusPage Scan
33Oh, we're a little pilgrim bandPage Scan
34What glory is thine, oh, thou City of GodPage Scan
35Praise God from whom all blessings flowPage Scan
36O toilers, grow not wearyPage Scan
37Eternal are thy mercies, LordPage Scan
38I now have found abiding restPage Scan
39"Almost persuaded" now to believePage Scan
40There are dear ones at home I may bless with my lovePage Scan
42Church of God, whose conqu'ring bannersPage Scan
43Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy namePage Scan
44There'll be joy beyond the riverPage Scan
45Hark, 'tis the Savior 's callPage Scan
46We are living, we are dwellingPage Scan
47Away with our sorrow and fearPage Scan
48We're marching to the promised landPage Scan
49They tell us that o'er the dark riverPage Scan
50Beyond the dark river of deathPage Scan
51Gather the cherished onesPage Scan
52When the morning wakes the woodlandPage Scan
53Shout the tidings of salvationPage Scan
54The bells--the bells--the Sabbath bells!Page Scan
55Silently the shepherdsPage Scan
56aForever here my rest shall bePage Scan
56bWonderful cross by faith I seePage Scan
58Pilgrim in this vale belowPage Scan
59Alas! and did my Savior bleedPage Scan
60Hark! the notes of angels, singingPage Scan
61Give me the wings of faith to risePage Scan
62From the throne of God in heavenPage Scan
64To a dark, sinful world, a bright messenger camePage Scan
65When to thee who hast thy dwellingPage Scan
66I will trust in my SaviorPage Scan
67We are on the deep, we are sailing to our homePage Scan
68Someone has gone from this strange world of oursPage Scan
69In the "Eden of love" where the glorified arePage Scan
70Hail, brightest morning! hail, blessed day!Page Scan
71Hark! hark, my soul, angelic songs are swellingPage Scan
72Heav'nly home! heav'nly home! precious name to me!Page Scan
74a"Come to me," said blessed JesusPage Scan
74bI look on a river whose beautiful streamPage Scan
76Out upon the stormy mainPage Scan
77Oh, have you heard of yon bright climePage Scan
78Are we sowing seeds of kindness?Page Scan
79On Jordan's stormy banks I standPage Scan
80I know thou art gone to the home of thy restPage Scan
81Holy angels in their flightPage Scan
82Oh, the Beautiful Hills where the blest have trodPage Scan
84Ho! every one that thirstethPage Scan
85"We'll meet again"--how sweet the word!Page Scan
86The ransomed spirit to her homePage Scan
87When marshalled on the nightly plainPage Scan
88One day more to work for JesusPage Scan
89Work, for the night is comingPage Scan
90Over the selfish dreams of menPage Scan
91"White as snow!" Oh what a promisePage Scan
92How beauteous are their feetPage Scan
94Arm, soldiers, arm!Page Scan
95My country, 'tis of theePage Scan
96Jesus, Lover of my soulPage Scan
98When the mists have rolled in splendorPage Scan
100Tell me, ye winged winds, that round my pathway roarPage Scan
102Hope while there's a hand to strike!Page Scan
103Savior breathe an evening blessingPage Scan
104aToday the Savior calls!Page Scan
104bCome and help us, friends of JesusPage Scan
106There's a narrow road that leads to endless dayPage Scan
107From the fields white unto harvestPage Scan
108Guide me, oh thou great JehovahPage Scan
109Since thy Father's arm sustains theePage Scan
110Come, come, let us rejoicePage Scan
111Blest be the tie that bindsPage Scan

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